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  1. I lean Penny. Bell has Murray & Freeman in front, plus Ty'son (🤷‍♂️). Carson may return & play, but SEA imo, will use Collins or Penny a fair amount going forward. Thanks for mine & GL!
  2. In your case,, looking at weeks 7-10, Ryan seems to have a bit better schedule. I lean him, but cant argue going with Tua, with his rushing ability & if he at least gets Preston or Parker back after week 7. This week I think he can roll with Waddle & Gesicki, like he did vs JAX. GL!
  3. With Geno at QB, I like Collins. Hebsaw a few targets, once Geno came in last week. Javonte is a close 2nd for me & would absolutely consider him as well. GL!
  4. I would take that deal. Who knows if Kittle returns & Cooper helps your WR. Sanders ran well vs TB, even though he didn't get the ball enough. PHI has to realize they need to run more & I think Sanders gets going. Thanks for mine & GL!
  5. Im leaning Trevor here, because both MIA too CB are out today. GL!!
  6. Moss for a safe play & Williams if chasing points. The knee concerns me, but this is a big game & I can see him playing. GL!
  7. I like Toney, but feel Tua will lean on Waddle a lot today. Waddle had a solid 1st game, before Tua got hurt. I'm leaning Waddle. But I do hope that with Shep/Slayton back, it opens things up even more for Toney. GL!
  8. Started Gainwell Thursday🤦‍♂️ & now chasing points. PPR & need 1 WR & 2 flex: Need 1 WR: A-Rob-Q vs GB or Toney-Q vs LAR Need 2 Flex: WR from above, Alex Collins at PIT, Edmonds-Q at CLE, or D Harris-Q vs DAL Also, need to pick a QB between Tua or Ryan vs MIA next week. Who do ya like?
  9. With Jones & Shepard back, it will be interesting to see who he targets. I think he looks at both Shep & Toney, in a game they are gonna have to score a lot in. I think Tee should have a solid game today as well. I lean Toney, mainly because of NYG having to throw a bit more today, with Barkley out. But cant argue going with Tee. I have each going in separate leagues. GL!
  10. Parker is out ,& Preston banged up. I still lean Tua, as he can run some & should target Waddle/Gesicki often, plus Gaskin. GL!
  11. I like at least getting Booker, should Barkley be out week 7. Having Carter is nice & should be fine going forward.
  12. I lean dropping Herbert, cause if anything happens to Swift, Williams becomes the guy, or at least should. But if Herbert does well, he could over take Damien, & even more, should Montgomery miss more time. Still lean dropping Herbert.
  13. I lean Diggs, but Chase is close & can't argue going with him. I like Ridley, but no information regarding his absence week 5 & if he will return week 7, kind of concerns me. If all is good, I probably go Diggs, then Chase/Ridley.
  14. It Terry is good, I would go with Heinicke. If Terry is out, I probably go with Darnold, as his WR is good to go, & Chubba should catch a handful of targets. GL!
  15. Ekeler is also out week 7 as well. Can you get Chubba & think Saquon returns next week, so you have 2 RB for week 7? If so, I would absolutely do it. If you can't & Barkley misses next week, you are hosed at RB.
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