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  1. Not everyone has a deep bench, and your telling me Pollard was 100% drafted. Oh okay Big League. I bet you clean up with Collins on your team. Seems like a shark play. Props
  2. Collins has his shot, Geno will probably nullify 50% of his production. They will continually be in 3rd and long and lots of 3 n outs. Seahawks will need lots of PI calls to flip the field. 14-40-0 Is the most I see. Good luck. Pollard was the wire gem of week 1
  3. I’ve seen enough of Damien to know he’s JAG. Maybe Herbert has the goods to be the guy. Time will tell just as it did for Damien who is wholly unspectacular.
  4. You could start all Philly players as one flex play and get almost nothing, obviously hurts scores but not much else happening.
  5. I’m here to admit I was wrong about Lamar. I never thought he was going to become a better QB. His passing skills have improved so much since last year. Mega props to his professionalism and desire. He looks like a legit superstar now more than 2 years ago
  6. I did drop him in 2 leagues. To add Williams and Herbert. Gotta go with upside vs just a live body
  7. 100% I’m playing numerous guys instead of him. Pollard, Herbert, Williams KC, In fact there’s no way he makes the lineup again.
  8. By the time he helps a roster your probably out of contention. Drop for someone with upside!
  9. Pollard looks like he’s going to bust through into the secondary on most runs. This is a great week to use him as I see Zeke banged up and Cowboys controlling the game. Pollard is a legit option under these specific scenarios. He’s got a real good chance to outscore Zeke this week!
  10. Why trade for another WR? Lightning in a bottle hits very few!
  11. Pretty sad when it’s a witch-hunt, like another poster said they target certain people when everyone would actually be canceled over something they communicated in one form or another, we have heard worse stuff in Rap music. Should we cancel every rapper who made derogatory remarks? I don’t get it why anyone should have to be mad because another human is but hurt. I’m sure that after being exposed 10 years later JG would make amends like a man. I know I would. Let’s go Brandon!
  12. I added him to all 3 of my teams before the games last week, only played him in 1. I absolutely saw the upside with his high draft status and limited video highlights, what I didn’t see was a guy who has critical thinking skills. He’s a million dollar talent with a brain of a child. I don’t think he’s going to be smart enough to have a long and fulfilling career.
  13. CEH may not recover and be 💯, CEH may not be a super stud. CEH may even get hurt while rehabilitation and extend his absence. A healthy MMack is a force. If traded to a team who needs his services he will flourish until his next injury. Let’s just hope that’s years into the future
  14. There are those who once said he’s better than James White when in NE. Fact checkers would confirm that’s not true
  15. Jake Butt TE Den. Looks like the path is clear now. Guy drafted 2 years ago had some crazy injuries but I think he’s going to be playing now that the other guy is out. Monitor now add later
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