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  1. Kadarius wasn't pleased with the tone, in which the first was delivered........ obviously.
  2. Says who? You're just making crap up. Stats are stats. Is irrelevant how they're compiled.
  3. I agree with the sentiment. JJSS going down, totally destroys Diontae's value.......
  4. Oh, I agree. Perhaps I worded that poorly. I was referring to Robinson, Hardman, Pringle as the pooh.
  5. If Josh doesn't produce WR3 numbers, it will be due to Josh. It sure as hell won't have anything to do with Hardman, Robinson, or Pringle. They are three logs, that make up a steamy pile of pooh. If you can't perform with Mahomes at QB, you can't play.
  6. Agree with most of this. FTR, I think he's crap, but I still picked him up. Why? I have an empty roster spot, and have you seen the current waiver wire RB's?
  7. So, very foolish of you. Never submit bids in rounded amounts. That's what common folk/non-believers do. Now long back in, and change that bid to $1,000,002.
  8. Now, it all makes sense.........
  9. There's just something inexplicably exciting about checking Twitter hourly, to see if Josh is still an active member of (current team's) roster. I feel born again.
  10. Where's the fun in picking up someone sober, and reliable? Live a little.
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