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  1. 10 team, PPR, 4pt passing TD, 3WR+Flex QB: Jackson, Herbert RB: AJones, Mixon, Patterson, DHarris, JamWilliams, WR: Hopkins, Cooper, ARob, Claypool, Shenault TE: Knox, Higbee Hoping to get some thoughts on my team and what kind of return would be reasonable for either QB. I'm sitting 3-2 but unsure about my roster overall with how the season has started. The Wilson owner has inquired about one of the QBs (Zeke, Carson, Gibson, Mattison, Pollard, Dillon, Dionte, Cooks, AB, Pittman, Waller; guys of note). Could I reasonably try for any of those guys in package? Do I even have enough depth to try any type of package deal? Another though was to offer Mixon, Cooper, and DHarris/ARob for Kamara and Devonta Smith/Higgins. This team is 1-4 with Kamara on bye and poor depth. Given my roster, would love to hear any opinions. Will try to help in return, thanks!
  2. I have a $29 Verlander under contract for one more season before he has to be thrown back. Cole and Degrom will be in the draft pool and potential Scherzer. My question is should I keep Verlander at that price to guarantee me an ace, or do I risk going after one of the others (maybe get Verlander back) for a potentially a few more $. Verlander is a stud but the age factor I question when the decline will happen. Newly drafted guys can be kept an additional two years, with $30 player inflation being $1, fwiw. Any thoughts would be appreciated! For context on my league, it's a 16 team auction 6x6 Roto with QS as the 6th cat.
  3. 16 team 6x6 ROTO league - HR / R / RBI / Avg / K-BB ratio / SB --- Era / Whip / K / SV+Hlds / W / QS Do I just keep Huira/Muncy to occupy 2B/MI? Lux with the prospect hype is enticing and think Biggio will be solid this year. Would like some thoughts on these guys, mostly Lux/Biggio. This would effectively take up my 2B/MI/3B/Util, so I lose some flexibility. Keeper prices listed at remaining years they can be kept. Huira - $6 / $10 (no brainer) Muncy - $15 Lux - $13 / $16 Biggio $13 / $16
  4. Right 😂 I mainly just posted what was left before players dropped. He was a reserve round guy that automatically get assigned $5 values. Our Inflation figures would add $4 to him.
  5. Sorry, what other details? I probably omitted some in the original post. These are what these guys can be kept at going into next season. We took Turner last year for $36, Trout went for $40. I would say top players go in the low to mid $30's.
  6. As many as you want. Only stipulation is you can only keep a player an additional 2 years. Not worried about the contract status really going into the season.
  7. I go with this answer. Play for this season.
  8. Hi guys, that time of year again. Would just like to get thoughts on some player values. Like always, I usually have a good idea on my personal value on players, but would like to get a little extra input. The prices are after inflation, guys who are FA pickups in season are default $10, so if you see $13 that's probably why. 16 team 6x6 ROTO league - HR / R / RBI / Avg / K-BB / SB --- Era / Whip / K / SV+Hlds / W / QS Roster slots below C - Ramos - $15 1B - Vogelbach - $9 2B - Huira - $6 SS - Turner - $37 3B - Muncy - $16 CI - MI - Biggio - $13 OF - Calhoun - $9 OF - Springer - $29 OF - Laureano - $14 OF - McNeil - $9 OF - Pederson - $6 UTL - Lux - $13 BN - Grisham - $13 SP - Verlander - $29 SP - Bauer - $19 SP - Mikolas - $12 SP - Sheffield - $9 SP - German - $9 SP - RP - Gallegos - $13 RP - Buttrey - $9 RP - I would appreciate any input!
  9. Yeah I just don't see trading Betts for those two pitchers, two much volatility with pitchers imo to trade a top 5 bat. I'd be wanting a good young bat that has potential to carry an offense, I just don't think Castellanos is that. Depth is always nice in those deeper leagues though, but I would only consider that if I had a for sure shot at winning.
  10. 16-team, ROTO, 6x6 (HR, R, RBI, SB, AVG, K/BB /// W, QS, WHIP, K, ERA, Net Sv+Hld), Auction, $260 Budget I'm currently in first place, first in every pitching cat except RPITCH(middle of pack). Hitting we've gained a lot of ground, but could still use help in steals and runs. 18 steals separate 2nd and 13th where I sit currently. Offered a couple trades: My Jose Martinez/Dansby Swanson for his Ender Inciarte/Jose Quintana - Martinez was bought for $2, can be kept next two years for $7/$11 after inflation. Swanson $6/10, Inciarte one year for $16, and Quintana goes back into the pool. or My Gleyber Torres for his Dee Gordon - Torres was a $1 buy that people tried to let slip into our reserve draft. Gordon is like a $26 player for next year. Would you make either trade? Inciarte hitting bottom half of the order, how much will he run rest of season? Martinez and Torres will e cheap for next year. I was banking on Hamilton + Altuve to keep me afloat in SB. Thoughts on these? Feel free to throw a link if you're needing input elsewhere. Thanks!
  11. Bottom third team offered this to me today: My Torres and Jose Martinez His Goldschmidt, Wil Myers , Markakis. Torres was drafted for $1, can be kept for 6 and 10 next two season. The flexibility is always nice. That said, I'm in third of a 16 6x6 ROTO, most ground to make up in HR, SB...really any offense cat outside RBI and AVG, sitting at 46ish pts in Offense, 87 in pitching. Do you think Goldy has figured out how to hit again? I do have kind of a jam at corner IF with Votto, Seager, Lamb, Beltre , Aguilar and Cruz occupying those slots. Dansby would slot into my SS position. Thoughts?
  12. It just seems like an uninspiring return for a guy with so much hype. I think I stay put for now unless you get blown away.
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