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  1. Lol I got the 3 points thank god when he came back in for the 43 yarder.
  2. I literally need 3 more points from Blankenship and he’s biching out right now. I hate fantasy
  3. Lol I took a screenshot and added a shape to it so you knew where to focus your limited reading comprehension skills. It took like 15 seconds. You’ve posted several times questioning/doubting the stats and have continued to check back on the thread and continue trolling. I’d say you’re spending too much time on this 😘
  4. He’s not being sarcastic. They actually did.
  5. I noticed he was still on the sideline bouncing around with his helmet on during the last series. Looked like he was trying to stay fresh and ready. Hopefully he doesn’t cop out during halftime.
  6. McVay: “Yeah thanks guys this one time back on October 26th, 2016 I saw Sony at Georgia on a 2nd and 3 play with 11 personnel and the safeties dropped and he hit a big hole and broke it for a long one so I’ve been replicating the offensive play calling that Georgia’s OC had that night pretty much play by play.”
  7. Great love Henderson being out and Michel looking good.
  8. Guy looks like a highlight reel already in the first half. Glad I targeted him everywhere.
  9. bringing back the Jamaal Charles vs Oakland 2013 fantasy playoff vibes
  10. Just about 6 days too late on this one Alvin. But thanks for helping me win 3rd place
  11. Lol would’ve been a Davis TD too 🤦🏻‍♂️
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