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  1. Don't feel bad. The Broncos picked Paxton Lynch 19 picks before Henry was drafted
  2. Flexed Jalen Waddle last week and he lost me thr match. Dropped him of course he's picked up on a waiver claim and goes off for 2 tds this week.
  3. So frustrating. My opponent is flexing him and he has 20 points on 70 yards without a td
  4. Does anyone think the these stupid animated things they do every Snf are cool?
  5. Anyone wanna guard cdlamb? Anyone...anyone....Bueller
  6. Nkeal Harry even on the team anymore?
  7. AB/Ertz TNF stack looking nice so far
  8. Is Goedert out or not? I didn't see him listed on the inactives
  9. Tony just got tackled in the Endzone before the ball was there. No flag with was that?
  10. I should have picked him up before kickoff instead of a dst
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