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  1. Hunt is a locked-and-loaded draft pick for anyone who owned him prior to his 300 moment. After that, of course uncertainties would arise. However, one bad decision in life doesn't strip him of his RB powers, especially since he was given a second chance. He was a machine in KC being 1st on the depth chart and still is in Cleveland being 2nd on the depth chart. I don't even know if I want Chubb to get injured at this point.
  2. If he goes off - he goes off. Dropped him and blew my waiver on Toney this week. The name Aiyuk on my roster makes me want to Piyuk at this point.
  3. I'm not quite sure if I'm the stupid one, or if he is - but I offered up Javonte for Dawson Knox and he declined (I drafted Kittle, currently have Ertz and have a bit of RB depth). He has Miles Sanders as his RB2
  4. That's not gauging value - that's an insulting offer.
  5. Woops that's my bad, I thought it was James Robinson. It's closer now, however I'd likely still pass. It all comes down to on how much you value Higgins.
  6. Thats a hard pass for me. Moore & Robinson carry WAY more value, imo.
  7. After 5 weeks - Marquise Brown is WR5 in Half PPR (1 pt every 15 yards receiving, 6 pt TDs) Top 10 below
  8. Still gonna say it - Marquise Brown is one of the most underrated WRs in the league. He is currently ~ even with Davante Adams in half PPR after 5 weeks in overall points.
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