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  1. Really liking the looks Bateman is getting in his first game.
  2. The kid is good but what’s up with the Tyreek and OBJ comparisons? Every single rookie in these threads is either prime Kamara or prime OBJ according to their owners, there’s an entire spectrum of outcomes between a historically great season and even a good season for Toney this year, y’all realize that right? That kind of thinking can lead to some really boneheaded moves in trade offers or lineup decisions. He is talented and seems to have a good opportunity but prudent owners or non-owners interested in Toney should exercise at least a bit of caution here automatically ramping his value into the game’s elite.
  3. Evans and Godwin can block with the best of them though. AB only in on 3WR sets, that’s what makes it so incredible. Generational WR that can stay fresh and focus almost exclusively on running routes.
  4. Who is Brady going to with the game on the line? You guessed it.
  5. When’s the last time an Alabama QB was a good NFL quarterback?
  6. Doghouse? He isn’t some undrafted rookie trying to prove himself, it’s AB, certified football genius. This is easy to project. Him and Brady will figure it out in the sideline. AB tells TB it’s on him, I’ll make up for it, look at the score, kiss the baby. Bro hug and they agree to run the exact same play in the second half. Q4, Brady hits AB on the deep route he was supposed to run earlier, touchdown. Business is boomin.
  7. Business is boomin!! AB81, that’s like my brother!
  8. In no scenario is he worth nor should anyone consider trading a WR1 for Javonte at his current value. He can be had in most leagues for a low-end WR2/flex or similar RB value. I still think you can offer a Julio/Pittman/Corey Davis type value and get him. Your point is precisely why we are in peak buying season for Javonte. You are buying purely based off his current value, and not always his perceived value—particularly if you are dealing with an owner who has expected more from him thus far and has him languishing on the bench. Flavor of the week Toney or even Darrell Williams could potentially get you there. I think the trades people would consider fair value now will look foolish 4-5 weeks from now.
  9. Definitely interesting, I had only seen stats like the broken tackle one and made an assumption about the rest. While I still think my point stands in terms of his outlook for the second half of the year—particularly because these are the exact type of things you improve with knowledge and experience, while his gifts are unteachable—I do think it provides some context for why it’s been such an even split with MG3 this year. The old head can still play and Javonte is going to have to clean up the little things to leapfrog him, barring a Gordon injury. I expect that he will and that ultimately the better talent will win out before year end.
  10. That’s even more tough in a keeper league where Bateman could be a real value depending on your roster, but it sounds like you must have more sure-fire value options there. The only downside of trading v. cutting in this case is the sunk cost fallacy. Yes, you acquired a legendary kicker who is pretty much always top 10 at least, was #7 last year, #4 so far this year, playing on a good offense. But now you’ve also limited yourself to potentially better streaming options down the road because you’ve actually invested in Tucker in a way, and moreso you’ve really given up two guys for Tucker—the guy you’ve traded, and the guy you’ll have to drop to roster another K when he’s on bye (which you wouldn’t do as a streamer). Not saying it’s wrong by any means, but it’s interesting value for a position where the guy who finishes #5 at season end might score 10 points more all year than the guy who finishes #12, and good luck projecting who that is going to be either. For me it’s a position that’s not worth much year-round but provides value if you can identify the weeks a streamer will hit double digits more often than not, particularly with a position where point spread, implied total and environment mean a lot more than talent
  11. If you’re that down on him there will be teams with a starting QB in the 10-15 range that will be willing to take a gamble on Russ returning and giving you QB1 value. I would be trading for him if I didn’t own him purely because it makes sense if you’re a 4-1 or 5-0 and might have a guy that is worse than Russ when he’s back at full health. Definitely not a drop in most any leagues where trades are possible.
  12. One of the best second half stashes you can have in fantasy football. Everyone who doesn’t have Javonte on their team should be putting in offers for this guy. I personally think there’s a very good chance we see him as a top-12 option by week 10 on—could happen sooner but it’s as good of a bet as any with this guy’s talent and the plays he has made with relatively limited opportunities this year. Gordon getting injured would surprise absolutely nobody, but I don’t think that will ultimately be necessary for him to take over this backfield in the not too distant future. He flashes on the screen and the coaches are seeing the same advanced metrics we do. Act now to make sure Javonte is on your squad before you see him make another a good team great come playoff time.
  13. In addition to all of that, he also drew a PI penalty on a bomb where he would have walked in the TD were in not for the penalty. We are talking a real 30+ point swing in his totals all things considered. Not playing the what if game but if anyone was actually watching what happened instead of the box score, they would know there was a ton of points left on the field for Lockett, almost inexplicably.
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