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  1. Yes. I like keenan more rest of season. You need Matty. This move makes a lot of sense for you.
  2. What kind of food poisoning is this? If he's still having symptoms, he should go to the hospital.
  3. I really like this trade for you. Najee and JT are almost a 1 for 1. I like DJ Moore and Chase more than Evans and mclaurin rest of season. To be able to flip those two for the potential overall WR1, while still boasting a fantastic wr squad with Moore, Chase, and Cooks, I think that's a huge boost for your team. Upgrading to Herbert from streaming is also a huge win, especially in a 6pt passing league. I'd hang onto Carson since you have Collins. I think Davis is a bust. Harris has no upside in that offense since he isn't a pass catcher. I'd maybe take a swing on Mitchell since Wilson still doesn't seem close to being healthy, but you're probably best served just riding with Collins and Carson. Regardless what you decide on the throw in rb's, the main components of this trade are a huge win for you. Thanks for the help with mine.
  4. I think he is a buy low. I think he'll be getting a qb upgrade soon. Fitzpatrick should be back soon. There is also some rumors of a 3 way watson trade that sends Tua to WFT. He's got a hamstring right now, and didn't practice today. This was something that popped up last week, and the reports that I am reading are the dnp is likely rest related. But it is something to monitor. Personally, I would try for Higgins + Woods. At first, I was going to say Higgins + Sutton. I think there's a chance that Jeudy becomes the number 1 when he gets back. This is a lower volume passing attack. However, there is also a chance that Sutton remains the 1. There is also a chance that Jeudy's targets come from Fant, Noah, and the other ancillary pieces, and Sutton's targets remain high. Bridgewater was able to sustain two fantasy relevant wr's last year. Woods on the other hand is definitely the 2 at this point. He's in a high powered offense, but 4 out of 6 games this season, he's seen 6 or less targets. Unfortunately, he's just not that involved. He's a fairly big name tho, which could help you get the deal done. I like Higgins, but I think it's clear at this point who the Alpha is in Cinci. In another low volume passing attack, where Boyd is also getting a share, I dont see a ton of value with Higgins moving forward, so I would say he's the least valuable of the 3. In conclusion, I would try Higgins + Woods first. Then I would try Higgins + Sutton. If the the person you're trading with insists, I would go ahead with woods + Sutton. I think mclaurin is a difference maker. Thanks for the help with mine.
  5. 12 team superflex ppr league: 4-2 record Would you trade Kyler Murray and Javonte Williams for Lamar Jackson and Saquon Barkley? Roster below. WHIR 100% Factors for consideration: Lamarr is having his best passing season with one exception, his td rate is extremely low. Could he be in for positive td regression and a fantasy point explosion going forward? His rest of season and playoff schedule is much worse than Murray's. Murray is the engine of one of the best offenses in the NFL. He has a juicy rest of season and fantasy playoff schedule. However, he is not rushing as much. Does this cap his upside? Saquon's now coming back from knee and ankle injuries. Performance decline rest of season, chance for re-injury, when's he coming back? His playoff schedule is much worse than Javonte. Will he see significant targets with everyone healthy? Javonte is in a 50/50 split. Will he take more work from Gordon? His rest of season and fantasy playoff schedule is juicy. 1qb 2wr 2rb 1te 1flex 1superflex 2idp Qb: kyler murray, Josh Allen, jameis winston Rb: darrelle henderson, James robinson, javonte williams, Sony michel Wr: aj brown, jamaar chase, brandin cooks, kadarius toney, rashod bateman Te: mark andrews Idp: roquan Smith, jordyn brooks
  6. Jenkins has said he wants to be called Jackrabbit, rather than Jenoris.
  7. You think teams aren't game planning for Chase right now?
  8. To be fair, Harris really hasn't done much. He had a good game today, but before this week he's been averaging 3.7 ypc this year. He's had multiple goal line fumbles and doesn't catch the football. You say it's empirically clear that Harris is the Pat's best player. If this is true, it's more a testament to the lack of talent on the Pats roster than anything else. I think Damien is a good player, but to act like he's slammed the door shut with his talent just isn't true.
  9. Maybe this changes, but the coach said Tyrod is the starter when he's healthy. This isn't exactly the same situation as Chicago with Fields and Dalton. The franchise isn't riding on Mills. I think what they'd love is to look as competent as possible sans Watson. I think Tyrod gives them the best chance of that. https://www.google.com/amp/s/profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/10/13/david-culley-tyrod-taylor-is-our-starting-quarterback-when-hes-healthy/amp/
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