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  1. Zeke (+Pollard also rostered), and Sanders would be my starting RB's without Swift. After that I'd be a little skinny, but I trust my ability to work the wire to find spot plays and I'm thinking Sanders picks it up RoS.
  2. The Moore owner is hurting at RB badly, and is relatively strong at WR (even without DJ, his WR2). I'm not particularly strong at RB after my RB1, but I do want to get off the Lions offense train. And I get that Swift has still been producing, but I don't trust it and with all the RB injuries I think a WR in a better offense is a safer week to week bet. Moore would slot in as my WR3 and give me a sweet pass catching trio. Swift is also coming off 19 and 15 point games whereas DJ has floored out at 8 the last couple, so timing seems solid. Swift has a nice playoff schedule, and I'm already atop the standings by two games so that's something to consider I guess too. If he takes it is it worth it?
  3. Hindsight. You play in either format of PPR? Even if you don't, not many had anyone other than CmC as the consensus #1.
  4. Hold the line. Wait for info from the team. Any time before week 10 should pay off handsomely if you're still in contention by then. Obv we aren't counting on this guy to save our season so it's a bummer yeah but an easy wait and see.
  5. Has there been any real buzz about an Odell trade?
  6. Been going back and forth between the Steelers and Colts all week. Underachieving defenses with good matchups... help me pick the right one!
  7. This sealed it. Starting Pitt D. If you say otherwise, I'm in!
  8. Bahaha that's the one I stopped on and was like oh no! The dip under his chin is brutal too. Blurred out guy in the back needs to give him a lesson.
  9. Upon further inspection... it has potential, dude just needs to leave a bit more on the neckline. Leaves it way, way too high near his jaw. Figure an NFL coach would have a decent barber.
  10. Sanders to San Fran would be nice. Or Baltimore. Or come to Seattle! #FREESANDERS.
  11. Prolly not going to be too much different than it has the past few weeks with Maxx out there. Ertz doesn't command a larger target share, so same same I'd think.
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