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  1. Hes basically tee Higgins at this point. Wr3 with wr1 upside any week. That is valuable in a way but woods needs to be your wr3 at least
  2. I know Bridgewater is competent and can be a 250-300 yard passer any given week. This looks like as good a matchup as any to start Jeudy no? Against Washington? Firing up with confidence? Hoping he somehow turns into a league winner-ish type of player down the stretch
  3. No wonder the Florida gators are stinking of the joint this year. They lost two crazy talents (pitts and Toney) to the NFL lol
  4. Wish I had shares- that is FREAKISH down the field targets and routes. Wheels up for you guys if Arthur Smith continues this usage and play-calling. Only one reception that started within 10 yards of scrimmage. Insane. And at all positions of the field.
  5. Yeah same. No one should drop him, and no one should dare trade him away while he's hurt, or basically trade him ever lol. The upside is so good for what you paid to acquire him off of waivers or cheap.
  6. oh thank god lol- I was wondering when the next negative post was coming lol jk Anyways, he's been on a bit of a roll lately, albeit yards are just nothing to write home about this year. Hoping for another good ceiling game vs. the Packers on TNF- looks like fantasy fireworks. 53.5 o/u with Cards favored by 3.5. 28 implied points seems like par for the course. Packers gonna need to step it up on O to keep up with these guys. I'd love to start TNF with a 20 spot lol
  7. Averaging 15 completions in his last 2 games but averaging 50 yards rushing and 1 TD a game in last 2 games lol I remember starting Bortles in the playoffs at San Francisco. Bottom fell out and he scored 9 fantasy points, threw 3 picks. Luckily Hurts is not Bortles but he's scoring like Bortles lol
  8. Great advice- Thanks! I got some WR's coming back but realized Gallup would be like WR6 on the team, better to get some trade ammunition as Cousins has legit trade value on almost every trade chart. You are correct that he should be scooped up tonight for free if one can swing it. Other managers have byes coming so that is also another reason.
  9. He still worth getting? I picked up Gallup instead of him to look for WR upside / potential in a 3 WR league, but I have Hurts who is very much concerning me.
  10. Philly has so many holes on the roster, but they have so many 1st round picks next year that they could pull this off
  11. They're going to need him on the road at NOLA...
  12. I'm a little concerned he fumbled twice in those conditions- I can't blame him for fumbling too badly since there were like 7 fumbles throughout the game. Game was in doubt and Hines was in the 4 minute offense. Taylor just chilling on the sideline. Any concern here with ongoing fumbling? Hines can't run between the tackles for ****, so I think they wanted to keep SF honest with his pass-catching threat at the end of the game? I saw Taylor in on some 3rd downs last night so there is some 3-down bellcow stuff going on. But Taylor was pulled anytime it was 2nd and long
  13. Dont think they have any interest shutting down their $16M a year RB that has barely provided ROI at this point. They'd like to get out of this contract I'm sure with the injuries
  14. i shouldn't over-react to this weather stuff anymore if teams could produce fantasy points in that type of weather yesterday. I hate over-thinking
  15. Bateman is at worst the clear #3 in this offense. He's putting Watkins out to pasture. There seems to be 3 targets only in this offense so far and that's very valuable.
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