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  1. Been ugly for a while now, 72.6% since he won the championship over a year ago. Still, I'd probably still bet on him finishing closer to 80% this year.
  2. In a vacuum, of course Ben Simmons is better than John Wall. But John offers more value to the Sixers at this very moment (even if that value is minimal), plus his deal expires after next year. If nothing else, his contact will be valuable as an expiring deal in 2022. If the Sixers could void the final two years of Ben's contract right now, I believe they would, which is close to what they would be doing if they were to trade him for Wall. Ben is a negative-value player, taking up a roster spot, and will be a distraction for the foreseeable future, and I have a hard time believing that will change so long as he's still wearing a Sixer uniform. If they trade him for Wall, they get a minimal return with a little bit of upside (a vet PG for the playoffs) for this year, plus an expiring contract for next year, and they are free to spend in 2023 and 2024. Big drop off from what they could have acquired last year, but it's also not nothing, and it sounds like Embiid has given them his blessing to move on from Ben. The value to the Rockets (a potentially engaged Ben Simmons on a 4-year deal) would obviously be much greater than John Wall's current value to the team, and so of course they could throw in some young talent or a few protected 1st-round picks to sweeten the deal, but they don't have to. There should be no urgency on Houston's end, especially if they view Simmons as a flawed player, prefer to watch the Sixers marinate in their own destruction, and don't mind "missing out" in the event another team pulls off a deal first. Of course, Darryl Morey could refuse to deal Simmons to the Rockets out of spite for his ex, but the situation ain't getting any better for him and it might be willing to take his medicine and move on from this nightmare. I can see this playing out all the way to the deadline, or maybe for just a few more hours. Who knows?
  3. I hope so. The Sixers have a poor reputation for developing players and Joe has a lot to improve on. I guess some sites don't display G-League stats. He played 41 games for Philly last year. Can't imagine he played many games in the G-League, and your bizarre description of his steals ("at 1 or above") makes me think they weren't anything special, otherwise you would have been more specific. Joe played 41 games for Philly last year and his per-36 steal numbers were below average per bbm, and he stole the ball only 3 times over 110.6 minutes in 4 summer league games - not "at 1 or above". Even if those numbers improve, his projected steals in a 25-mpg role are not noteworthy.
  4. He shot 39% in college, 36.1% last year, and 34.7% in the summer league. He averaged 3.4 rebounds and 1.7 assists per game in college (32.7 mpg) and only 3.4 and 1.9 per-36 last year. He blocked only 12 shots in 60 college games and only 4 in 41 games last year. Could stream him for 3-point shooting, and perhaps some points, free-throw shooting, and low turnovers.
  5. Cade's college teammates were REALLY bad. I think he's gonna ball out with better shooters on the floor, more spacing, and less defensive attention in his face. I can live with the poor FG% if it's the result of him taking (and making) a lot of threes.
  6. Hmmm. Bamba came up well short of those minutes in the preseason despite the experiment AND the team missing all of their power forwards. What do you think happens when Okeke (soon) and Isaac (eventually) return?
  7. Umm, what? He led the Bulls in defensive win shares as the second youngest player in the league, while regularly guarding the opponent's best player and rarely getting into foul trouble. Players defended by Williams shot 1.8% worse than their season average, and he was one of only two Bulls players to finish with above average marks in steal and block rate. He finished with the 4th highest 3PT% among rookies that took more than 100 three pointers and 2nd highest FG% among rookies that took more than 500 shots. He shot 44.3% from 10-16 feet and 41.1% from 16-3P. He shot 53% FG and 47% 3P% on the road, 50% FG and 56% 3P% with less than 3 minutes to go in any quarter, 53% FG and 50% 3P% in May, and 42% 3P% from the corner. His true shooting % never dropped below 54% in any month. From January to May his monthly FG% increased from 45.7% -> 46.2% -> 49.6% -> 49.0% -> 52.2%. In what world is his shooting inconsistent?
  8. I dunno about this guy. FG% has been good through the preseason, but it's such a small sample size and he shot 42.7% in Australia. I'm concerned he's going to be a negative contributor in FG%, FT%, blocks, and turnovers, and offer only replacement value in points, threes, and steals. But it's difficult finding assists late, he's a rookie so we can expect improvement, and the ADP ain't a burden. Guess I'll take the plunge if the price is right.
  9. This guy attacks the rim hard. He's going to draw fouls. Kinda feels like a poor man's Ben Simmons, except he won't hurt nearly as much from the line and may chip in a three-ball here or there. Hell, maybe he's a rich man's Ben Simmons. Problem is, if he's shooting threes, you can be sure his FG% impact won't be great. He made only 11 of 40 in college and 3 of 19 through the summer and preseason. My worry is the team will encourage him to continue shooting to aid in his develop. Good if you're a Raptor fan, maybe not so good for fantasy. His block numbers through the summer and preseason have been the biggest surprise. He's blocked 14 shots through 9 summer/preseason games. In college his block rate was only 2.1% (0.7 per-40 minutes). Can't wait to see his debut on Wednesday. I think he's gonna crush it.
  10. For their careers, Bamba, WCJ, Lopez, and Wagner have respectively played 98%, 96%, 98%, and 84% of their minutes at the center position. In their 4 preseason games, these Magic centers combined to play about 73 mpg (which includes a rest day for Lopez). Bamba still played only 20.4 mpg during the preseason. In the regular season (unless a game goes to OT) there will be only 48 minutes to go around at center. Okeke will be back and play the majority of his minutes at PF. Isaac will return and play just about all of his minutes at PF. Something has to give. I hope Bamba explodes in game one so I can sell high.
  11. Boring name, very interesting player. Long, big, skilled athlete that moves well. 48.3% FG and 39.1% 3FG as a 19-year old rookie despite playing on a bad Bulls team. 77.1% combined FT% from college/rookie-year/summer-league. Nearly put up a 1/1/1 season as a rookie (1.0/1.2/0.8 per-36). The Bulls regularly used him to defend the opponent's best player, yet he averaged only 2.3 fouls per-36 (1.7 post-All Star break). Many times young bigs come in with high aggression and high foul rates, and their defensive numbers decrease as they learn to play with more patience and control. In Pat's case, I think there's room for him to play a little more aggressively and maybe increase his steals/blocks. Wouldn't count on it happening, but also I wouldn't be surprised if it does. Billy Donovan recently had this to say about Pat becoming a two-way player: "You think about a guy 19 years old, plays one season in college, came off the bench, probably never played in a 40-minute game where he played the whole college game, so his minutes were whatever they were (22.5 mpg over 29 games). Now, all of a sudden, he goes from that, and he's guarding some of the guys we know he's had to guard. There's an endurance component where... he has a much better awareness of the kind of conditioning he needs be in." This seems to imply that Donovan kept his minutes DOWN last year due to his conditioning, and that Pat will have an opportunity to play more if he gets it right. This, coming from a coach who played him 27.9 minutes per game over 71 games in a condensed NBA schedule. If his conditioning is right, I think this guy has the two-way game, low-foul rate, and opportunity (thin Bulls front court) to push for 34+ minutes per night, which is what he played during the summer league, where he averaged 21 points, 9.7 rebounds, and 2.7 assists per game while shooting 43.8% from three on 5.3 attempts per game. Usage on this Bulls team may be his kryptonite, but the guys commanding most of the attention (Ball/LaVine/DeRozan/Vooch) are all skilled passers and should be able to find Pat Williams for open threes and easy transition dunks. If his usage doesn't rise, his efficiency likely will. I'm cautiously optimistic that he can push his FG/FT% closer to 50/80% and become a 13/6/2/1/1/1 type player, with upside for more. Y'all may be able to land him in your drafts outside the top-125.
  12. A few weeks back, Turner, Sabonis, and Goga were spotted in a corner-three drill. Isaiah Jackson was not practicing with this grouping, leading many to believe he is working with the forwards. Turner and Sabonis played together a lot in 2020-21. Turner started and played 100% of his 31 mpg at C. Sabonis started and played 49% of his 36 mpg at C, and 51% at PF (presumably when the two shared the court together). Rick Carlisle talked this summer about the importance of staggering Turner and Sabonis's playing time, so it sounds like he prefers Sabonis playing the C position. This could create an opportunity for Oshae Brissett and Isaiah Jackson at PF. But even if the "Turbonis" minutes/splits do not change, there should be about 25-30 minutes available at the PF position. Jackson is still raw and l think he will play only about 10 mpg to start, but there's certainly room for more if he plays well, and he may need only 20 mpg to be relevant for fantasy purposes. If an injury strikes the front court or a trade goes down, I will certainly be running to acquire this guy.
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