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  1. HE'S ALL I GOT (besides ARoB). Starting with zero expectations
  2. Going to the abyss with Sermon, Holding 4 Life.
  3. To be fair he played well last game and they should have won. Missed fg plus a extra point. The olines been banged up and the team as a whole seems banged up. It's hard to for me to get enthusiastic for Wentz, it's like he loves to get sackedby trying to extend plays that end up as turn overs anyways. Luck was good Rivers was fun due to the fact that he was a short term solution but Wentz is supposed to be the QB of the future and thats pretty weak given that he's gonna end up costing a 1st rounder
  4. Praise him say he's a hard worker but than say he needs to earn his ops. Whats the hard work at practce for? What am I missing here? I'm going down with the ship or up with the rocket. Long haul Aiuyuker. Aiyuk4Life
  5. Wentz is making me not want to be a Colts fan. Hope that helps.
  6. no bad mojo in the BIG MIKE thread please.. he did leave the game for a play and than scored his 2nd TD last week plus he finished the game. prob just a rest day.
  7. I thought this guy was supposed to be a football genius. so far he's been a grade A doofus always having to explain his stupid decisions.
  8. I got burned hard playing him week 3, cost me the match.That's not gonna stop me from rolling LIL dawg Rondale Moore out this week!! HyPe TrAiN lets goooooooo!!!
  9. After last years 2k season he was supposed to bust this yr and break down. flash forward he's getting more carries than ever and is being used in the passing game ie more work and THE KING has thrived.. no telling when this guy slows down. i'll take him.next yr #1 overall no questions asked
  10. I'm never gonna give up on my 9ers Duo! they are gonna need Aiyuk if they want to win. Sermon not so much.
  11. The ultimate FU lol. I'm holding hoping for a trade.
  12. pure speculation but I think he's gonna pop this week. After last week all the questions were why didnt you get the ball to LS? I think Now he's going to over correct that. Much like how he did with Robinson after his first two games this yr
  13. No positive spin here. I can't remember a player who after a real decent rookie season got dumped on by coaches/management like this. Him and Sermon are two of the biggest busts so far this yr. and I got em both!
  14. Bateman will have a role from the get go imo. He's their most versatile WR.
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