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  1. That’s my thinking as well. With Monty hibernating, I’m forced to slot in Double-O 57. Here’s hoping Baltimore goes up big early.
  2. I'd be looking to trade Cooper. I like Ridley - Hopkins - Allen - Williams in that order.
  3. Perfect chance to sell Conner. Definitely do it.
  4. Lockett/Patterson side, not close.
  5. Just lost Monty for 4-5 weeks but I'm 3-1 and a strong contender. Full PPR, I haven't started Hines all year, and the Damien owner is a Colts fan. Might not be enough 1-for-1, but I'm thinking this might be a good foundation to build on. Thoughts?
  6. Our bear ate good and now he must hibernate. Here’s hoping he returns in ravenous fashion down the stretch.
  7. Totally holding. I understand the frustration if your surrounding roster has failed to lift Ridley’s underwhelms, but his targets are elite, his skills are elite, and if you watched the full game today you know he could have had so much more. Stay the course.
  8. We are aligned. As we should also be in combating dangerous misinformation no matter where it is spewed.
  9. Ridley's week 3 is about to be the positional equivalent of Rodgers's or Aaron Jones's week 2. Don't fall prey to the early season worries. This dude's about to take off.
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