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  1. Same exact situation with Brees in the slot but might lean Tanny
  2. Was down by 14 going into tonight with Kamara and Mack in standard. Felt pretty good. Was down by 4 and then Wilkins got that last td to kill my hopes
  3. Down 14.5 in standard and have Kamara and Mack. Feeling nervous
  4. My rb2 situation is terrible and I’ve got to pick one. This is a standard league Shady Burkhead Who do you like and why? WHIR, just leave a link. Thanks!
  5. Lots of options here. Standard scoring and for all the marbles. My WR1 is Keenan Allen. RB’s are Bell, Kamara and Fournette. Feel solid so might be looking for the safest floor opposed to highest ceiling. I like Shepard but find it hard to trust Eli at times. I personally like JuJu over Martavis but what about over Gordon? I’m a Bell owner as well but of course Ben knows how to feed his best players like bell/brown so don’t think it’d be different with JuJu being his no 1. Any input would be appreciated and I’ll return the favor, just leave a link. Thanks!
  6. 12 team standard. Feel like it’s going to be a close one.. Rivers Bell Fournette K Allen Flash Gordon/Shepard Delanie Walker Kamara Gould Balt Up against Winston Gurley Zeke Devantae Adams Djax Ertz Drake Boswell Denver
  7. Like Martin over Duke. Think he’ll bounce back against Miami D. I personally own Sherpard and am high on him so I like him against that weak KC
  8. Williams Perine Coleman Reed I own and am about to Drop Reed due to huge inconsistencies and injury concerns. Thanks for mine
  9. Like everyone else said, gotta go with Brown and Evans on this. Thanks for mine
  10. So I lost Watson and was streaming McCown but want a more solid option. Would you give up Kamara for Wilson if your other RB’s we’re Bell and Fournette? His other QB is Alex Smith and said he’d give up either for Kamara and I felt I liked Wilson better. I’d have to flex JuJu after the trade but I do feel confident in him. Standard scoring 12 man league WHIR! Just leave a link, thanks!
  11. I like Abdullah personally. Fuller has 6 catches and 4 of them are touchdowns. I just can't see it continuing to happen. I like Ameers matchup and how he's looked this year.
  12. I'm also a Bryant owner and getting tired of him. I tried to scoop Agholar last week off waivers but someone else claimed him before me. I would've started him over Bryant this week if I had him. Tough call to drop Bryant though but i'm hanging onto him. If you have someone else to drop, I would bench Bryant and pick up Agholar. D. Henry and A. Cooper for Keenan Allen
  13. Standard scoring 12 man league Id be giving up Amari and Henry for Keenan Allen Am I giving up too much? I'm hurting at WR and my other receivers are Martavis Bryant, John Brown and Sterling Shepherd My RB's are Bell, Fournette, Kamara and Charles WHIR, just leave a link!
  14. I have Mariota myself and won't be dropping him. Think Winston vs the Pats is the way to go this week as a filler. Thanks for mine!
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