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  1. I have to start Daniel Jones. My WR Corps this week will be Cooks, Lockett, & Corey Davis. It hurts...
  2. The one passing skill Tyrod does well is throw the deep ball. Cooks will definitely get more deep shots with him back.
  3. Diggs has played 2 of 5 games in heavy rain, that obviously won't happen every week. Diggs has played in 4 blowouts where not much passing was done in the 2nd half. This could still be an issue in some future games, considering the Bills' schedule after Tennessee. There were 3 uncalled PIs against Diggs in the KC game.
  4. He could theoretically try to play with it taped straight, then get it surgically repaired in the offseason. The injury prevents you from straightening the fingertip, but you can still grip somewhat. It's not ideal, but I'd do that if I was an NFL player in my prime. If he goes with the traditional method of splinting, it's gonna be a while.
  5. I had the same injury to my index finger a few years ago. The tendon is completely detached from the top of the fingertip bone. 8 weeks in the splint so the tendon can reattach, and if you let go loose even once before healed, it can snap back off the bone & you're back to square one. You can't grip anything with the finger while it's splinted, it's literally locked straight. It also took another week or 2 after the splint to regain grip strength in it. I knew a guy who had the same injury shortly after mine, and he opted to just leave his fingertip dangling. It's like that permanently unless you get it fixed via surgery. This is a very bad injury to a QB's throwing hand.
  6. If you start Cooks this week, you're praying for a 50+yd TD. That's the only way he has a good fantasy day with that QB vs Belichick.
  7. Lance doesn't look near ready to me, as a passer. I'll bet AZ schemes to take away his run lanes & force him to put the ball in the air. You guys are crazy to start over anybody in the top-20. I predict something like: 12-26, 157yd, 1 TD, 2 INT. 35 yards rushing.
  8. Sanders had a great game. He's a solid player, but he's the clear 3rd option & will have some dud weeks & some like today. I expect his full-season numbers to be about what Gabe Davis put up last year, which makes him a great bench guy to spot-start.
  9. Lockett's per-game targets the past 3 seasons: 2019: 6.8 targets/game 2020: 8.25 targets/game 2021: 8.0 targets/game Obviously, it's a small sample size, but he's getting virtually the same target volume now as he did last season, and he's averaging more than double the YPC. I know he can't sustain 23 YPC over a full season, but this is a great sign. Seattle is basically trading a couple of the 5-10 yard targets Lockett used to get per game, for deep shots. They may not continue to hit on the deep ball as well as they have so far, but the fact that it's happening is the definition of upside. It's not like all of his targets are 50 yard bombs. You won't find me complaining about my WR getting too many opportunities for long TDs anytime soon.
  10. Cam's arm is shot worse than Big Ben's. Can't see that happening.
  11. If you're saying that you have the #1 waiver spot, (if you get to keep the spot week by week until used) none of those guys are worth using it for.
  12. I follow the Bills closely, so here's my take... The Bills' play calling has been weird these 2 games. They're not doing much play-action, which was a staple last year, and seemed to ditch the shallow crossers they had so much success with. Their OL has been pretty bad in pass protection, so I expect them to go back to the quick hitters they had so much success with, and keep mixing in deep shots to Diggs. He's still the best route runner in the league. They also game-planned to run the ball a lot more vs Miami, that won't always be the case. I'm not worried.
  13. There's a rumor on the Dolphins message board that Fuller is contemplating retirement & was given a week to think it over. Whatever it is, I'm sure the news will be out soon, there's no secrets in the NFL anymore.
  14. Can't do it this week. I love Davis for the season, but this game has 4 for 50 yards written all over it.
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