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  1. The Rams have a Woods game where he outscores Kupp by a significant margin, making each player's trade value murky. Drake has a fluky explosion game after Gruden realizes it's silly to keep giving the football to Peyton Barber. However he falls back to earth quickly, as his usage doesn't remain consistent and Jacobs takes his old job back.
  2. I feel like it’s hard to talk about D/ST units as every-week matchup proof starters, in a way that’s different from elite skill players. There are always some offenses, like the Chiefs, where you simply can’t ever feel comfortable starting the very best D/ST unit against them, which is why this conversation always drifts towards streaming. When these tough matchups come up, we often have no choice but to start an elite D/ST against them just to avoid burning a roster spot on a streamer. But the streamer unit nearly always would have outperformed.
  3. I mean, this is why Lance was drafted. It’s not like a Fields or Lawrence situation, where the team has suffered through years of poor QB play and they’re just dying to hand over the reins. Shanahan likes Jimmy G’s play, it’s just that nearly every time he’s tried to play a full season of NFL football, he gets injured quickly and the 49ers have had to start guys like Mullens and Beathard. We know the Jimmy G injury is coming, but we don’t know what week it’s coming. I don’t see Lance making a start this season until it comes though.
  4. I’m concerned in that there seem to be a lot of mouths to feed in the offense, whereas we were buying into the very narrow target tree of a Goff-led offense. However, long TDs are always a killer for your guy’s value when someone else scores it, because they end a drive before it starts and give the team less incentive to keep throwing. The Van Jefferson TD might well have cost Woods another couple of catches on that drive. Some weeks, it’ll be Woods scoring those long TDs. So maybe Woods has a lower floor than we’d like, but it’s not a bad thing that Stafford is immediately clicking in his new offense.
  5. L-Jax > 6.92 points and I start the season 1-0. Thanks for the goose egg, Rodgers. This could have been a squeaker.
  6. I don't see how anyone could be nervous about Dak after watching that game, it's obvious the injury concerns were overblown and he was undervalued. And this is the toughest matchup he has for a while. This is the same defense that completely shut down Mahomes in the Super Bowl. Not going to be surprised at all if he's the overall QB1.
  7. I still don't regret taking CeeDee a full round before Cooper. I know it doesn't feel like it after Cooper has a game like that, but he's run hot and cold for his entire career and he can just disappear for weeks at a time. I feel like CeeDee's YAC ability gives him a higher floor, and will yield more consistent output on a week to week basis, even if they both wind up with about the same number of fantasy points.
  8. Yeah it’s easy to see how he could have caught on with the Saints and actually played the Taysom Hill role this entire time. Would have been a great gig for him, nobody would have been calling to bench Brees for him, but he would have gotten enough playing time to keep the fans happy. That’s long in the past, though, the time for him to make the switch was 10 years ago. If he makes the team he’s going to steal a few TDs from Lawrence and Robinson/Etienne but he’ll still be unusable in fantasy because he’ll put up nothing when he doesn’t score.
  9. If the Packers thought for even a second that they could allow Jordan Love to start 16 games without humiliating himself and the whole team, Rodgers would be picking out the tablecloths for his new Denver house right now. It's really amazing how bad that Love pick continues to look in retrospect. Every franchise has to face a difficult choice in whether they want to move on from their star quarterback a year early or a year late, but the Pack tried to move on 4-5 years early and they don't even have a legit NFL starter to replace him.
  10. This is the big point that invalidates zero-RB for me. As the league has gone all-in on RBBC, it makes the few bellcows more valuable, but we're seeing time and time again that when bellcows go down a committee tends to form behind them. The days of sniping Charcandrick West from the Jamaal Charles owner (and then praying for a JC injury) are long over. JAGs just don't step in and take over 90% of the starter's workload after an injury anymore. We can project the likely bellcows on draft night. If they get injured early in the season, that's just how it goes. But by getting too cute and bypassing the position completely, you're giving yourself almost no shot of actually landing a bellcow later in the draft -- because even when the injuries come, it's very rare for a second- or third-stringer to fill that role these days. You tend to wind up with either the TD-or-bust grinder or the third-down back who rarely exceeds 10 PPR points.
  11. I think that's more an indictment of the bums the Chiefs have had at tailback ever since they cut Kareem Hunt, and a similar thing could be said for the Bills as Allen has developed. Those are offenses that *should* be able to run the ball at will, but CEH and Singletary just aren't good enough to make defenses pay.
  12. I know, right? Reading that comment you’d think all the best fantasy backs are on the worst teams, when (with a few exceptions) it’s usually the reverse. Competently quarterbacked offenses stay on the field, don’t turn over the ball as much, make more trips to the red zone, and spend the fourth quarter chewing clock with lots of running plays against tired defenses. The Jags aren’t going to become elite overnight when they add Lawrence, but I don’t think we’ve seen JRob’s ceiling, and it’s silly to suggest that an improvement at QB would hurt his fantasy value.
  13. 20-team 0.5 PPR, 12-4, most Points For, most Points Against QB: Russell Wilson RB: James RB1SZN watched the Super Bowl from the bench, Chris Carson, a rotating cast of bums like Brian Hill and Peyton Barber WR: TyFreak, Mike Evans, Cole Beasley, Denzel Mims TE: Irv Smith in the ship, Jared Cook most of the season K: Daniel Carlson D/ST: Ravens I won the Super Bowl by 0.92 points. Cole Beasley pushed me just over the top with his 3.20 performance.
  14. I was thinking this same thing -- PIT is simply imploding at the wrong time. Maybe the same is true for the Rams. You can't just shake off that humiliating Jets defeat as a bunch of fluky broken plays. The Rams legit looked like they didn't know how to play football on either side of the ball for all four quarters. Maybe Russell proves the haters wrong with a ceiling game.
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