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  1. they need to publicly execute Vlade Divac for that alone How are you not going to draft a kid just because you hate the kid’s dad?
  2. Sooooo, who’s gonna start the Jordan Nwora 2021-2022 Outlook thread?
  3. truly wonderful start to my fantasy season jrue out grayson cant hit open threes (2/8) opponent’s patty 7/7 from the three
  4. Think the Warriors released the lineup earlier with Looney at the 5…we know the Warriors are going to take Dwight or Deandre out the game when they start spreading the floor
  5. he was awesome with Nigeria during the Olympics
  6. ofcourse i chose grayson instead of patty…and my opponent took mills
  7. Patty is going to be awesome this whole season with or without Kyrie
  8. Will be interesting to see with Davion in the mix now…that guy is nba ready and can start right now and contribute
  9. 76ers are just a bit more than Doc Rivers - i think thats quite clear, aint it? Doc been with them since the last season, Ben been there for the last 5 years…tell me again where i said i blame Doc for Ben not shooting? all i said the dude is overrated af and hes not the coach you think he is…tyronn lue made it clear with a few simple game changes
  10. thanks, i didnt know that tbh, dont watch them at all except for few guys for hali…but is that a recipe for somewhat of a success? is hali more suited for the three spot?
  11. one of the most mentioned guys by these sport journalists during the season preview…could be a darkhorse for MIP
  12. ill be waiting to see whos gonna be next to Fox and Hali tho…somehow, im not quite sure Buddy is made for being a SF hahaha
  13. I was referring to a statement about doc being a hall of fame coach and his legacy being sealed…ben being overrated, idiot, dickhead, awful teammate or whatever else we throw at him was not at question in regards to my statement, doc is still overrated af
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