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  1. Schroder is on the wire in my 12-teamer - would you drop Maxey for him?
  2. I honestly think when brooks comes back, Melton is in greater danger of losing his starting job. If you think about it, Ja and brooks already provide what Melton does - playmaking and defense - and at a higher level. Bane otoh is easily the best shooter and floor spacer on the team. I think his role is very safe.
  3. Might end up being one of the best value picks of the draft. Dude is an incredibly smart and savvy player and can contribute on the court literally everywhere.
  4. Much better. Glad he didn't take any fts tonight lol, and the TOs were low. Nice to see the defensive stats as well. I know it's OKC but maybe this will give him some nice momentum.
  5. Maybe ya'll can wait until the game is over lol. So reactionary.
  6. If you got him late, he is very likely going to be a league-winning pickup.
  7. I paired him with FVV and Capela to get a nice assortment of stats in every cat (punting fg, of course). Hopefully it works out.
  8. Curry is just one of those ultra-elite fantasy guys where you'll have to give up a ton of assets to even have a chance at getting him. The only time I can see a 1 for 1 happening is if it's a straight Jokic for Curry swap, or maybe Curry for Harden if you want the assists.
  9. I don't even know if I want to play in a league where Curry falls to #7. Seems kind of taco tbh. I'm in 5 leagues this year and the lowest he fell was #4. Went #2, #2, #3, #3 in the others
  10. He was dropped in my league so I decided to stash him in IR. I feel like it might be a huge potential league-winning pickup in the 2nd half of the season
  11. Please Kerr, please let Curry play all 4 qs even if it's a blow out. I can legit see him break the 70 pt mark
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