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  1. The video above puts it more into perspective for me. They are super high on Scottie. I think Pascal will dampen things, sure, but not really a Boucher. He shined last season, but he didn’t have the spotlight like that.
  2. Thanks for sharing that. Now I’m super hyped to have him on my squad haha
  3. In my main salary draft, we were somehow outbid by a guy who ended up with Steph, Dame, and KAT, and a bevy of shooters. Definitely my biggest threat, but I drafted a team of studs, so let the games begin. Best of luck this season!
  4. definitely would be nice for him to shift over, especially to help with minutes. I had Wood last season, and his knees were such a liability. I think pairing Sengun as a handcuff to Theis and Wood is perfect.
  5. There’s a player like almost every season; one who we all hope leapfrogs the starting center to bring us to the holy land. Hassan’s emergence in the Heat. Gobert behind Kanter. Jokic behind Nurkic. Robert Williams behind everybody. Usually, we get what we ask for. You just have to decide now if you’re going to take a leap on him, then prepare your roster for that inevitable pick up if you haven’t already.
  6. That’s because Rob is mad inconsistent haha. Only thing consistent is his thread arguing among themselves for forsaking him, and then asking advice on if they should trade him. The most consistent thing about him is that he’ll likely start showing good games toward the last half of the season. By no means do I consider having robocov a boring/safe bet.
  7. Boring/safe stats I’d go Gafford. Rookie intrigue and to entice some of your league mates in a possible trade, I’d go Mobley. upside and possible steal, I’d go bamba
  8. I think if you want to go full punt assist you’ll have to deal some guys out, particularly Scottie and Darius, though you’ll need Darius for your scoring. I’m guessing you have Scottie because Dillon is in your IL? Either way, I do think you’ll need a bit more scoring and since you’re punting fg% maybe targeting someone like Bogdan Bogdanovic might help.
  9. Depends on your league size, honestly. If you’re in a shallower league (10 and below), I’d take Poole. He’s going to be nice for a while, and if he falls off hard, you can always swap for the next big thing on the wire. In shallower leagues, a liquid roster spot is money
  10. I’d go Suggs, Duncan, then Danny. I don’t really like the situation with Danny, so he has to be on the tail end of that rank.
  11. Super solid! You have 3s down pat. The glaring weakness or potential weakness is injury risk; Fred, kristaps, Clint could all give you a headache down the road. I might pair capela with someone and try to trade for Vuc if possible, but the 3s may be overkill by that point. Best of luck!
  12. Hey guys, forget about team build (points league). I only have a roster spot for 1 rookie. Who are you taking between: Sengun or Scottie Barnes thanks!
  13. So I came in here because the thread was hot and I was afraid something happened. Turned out y’all are just arguing haha the fantasy season is back!!
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