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  1. Every time I make a switch the guy I pickup tanks and the guy I dropped does ok. I might grab Sanders again. I also might just keep McManus. A guy in my league has 3 kickers on his roster.
  2. I think his value is higher with Garoppolo. Lance just looked to run himself constantly. It would be better if Kittle were playing as it would soften up the defense a little bit.
  3. What is the extent of the injury. Did anybody share results? Is it a strain, what grade? Supposed to be back next week? I'd assume so because they didn't put him on IR but the way this season is going he'll play a snap and then reinjure it.
  4. Its a horrible situation. Don't know if Mayfield is playing. Don't know if most of the offensive line is playing. Playing against Denver. Playing on a short week (hate Thursday games). So say he does get the majority of the carries what does that even mean if the Browns can't move the ball without most of their offense. All of that considered, I probably still have to play him if I pick him up.
  5. Kickers man. My matchup this week will come down to a few points. Switched my kicker from Carlson to McManus. Can anyone guess which 2 weeks I had Carlson.
  6. Chubb Barkley Javonte Williams Mostert Picked up Mitchell Lat Murray Dillon Basically the ONLY Rb's not hurt are the ones where I have the backup.
  7. top 10 wr my a$$. How many drops did he have. Dude can't get open against the worst pass defense. He is being shadowed every week now. For some reason these teams don't shadow other receivers, just him. Then drops a td. ugggg. Season going down the toilet.
  8. When will the broncos just go to Williams more. He is so much more electric than Gordon.
  9. My kicker all year. Started with Sanders getting a donut. Went with Carlson who got 5 points in 2 weeks. Dropped him this week for McManus. UNREAL man. I need these points.
  10. Tyreek expected to play Hunt expected to play Swift expected to play Robinson expected to play Hopkins expected to play Williams expected to play Chubb not playing Can anyone guess who I have
  11. Today is a big tell day if he goes to IR. Injuries are the worst man. Short turnaround for Thursday too.
  12. He’s gonna be out. And more great news. Short week so probably out week 7 too. Unreal man.
  13. I’m benching him. Rather play AB. He has no explosiveness.
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