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  1. Shaping up to be my most frustrating year ever. Might be the only person in this country who longs for the year 2020. Miss having Allen/Herbert, Cook, Sanders, Tyreek, DK, and PIT D.
  2. He seemed like he had a lot of negative yard plays during the game. Hopefully he can reduce that.
  3. Of course Hollywood lays a dud when I start him
  4. 20 mph winds in CLE it looks like. Concerning?
  5. Carolina has played Jets, Saints, Texans, and Eagles beside Dallas so it makes sense that their rushing D seems good so far.
  6. The alert I got from ESPN said that he practiced in full.
  7. If Russell finishes the game, I win. Everyone else did decent for me(except for Godwin, but he didn't suck) Essentially lost to 2 players this week.
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