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  1. hi mate , happy to help out again just to get things going for you aaronbarnett2006@hotmail.com
  2. Just a group of mixed between Experienced owners and relatively new guys $20 buy in ( will collect mid season All Star Break ) 10 Team 13 Cat ( yes I know it’s a bit strange but still ) Draft 1900 Tonight Australian Time - Yes I know if interested post your email here
  3. Happy to take the West Team aaronbarnett2006@hotmail.com Thanks
  4. Cannot use league safe (Can’t access from Australia) although happy to pay otherwise
  5. I’m interested a sell have spots available aaronbarnett2006@hotmail.com Thanks
  6. if you havent got anyone for it ill take it aaronbarnett2006@hotmail.com
  7. I’m interested but would depend on cost pass on the details aaronbarnett2006@hotmail.com thanks
  8. Im intersted aswell if needed aaronbarnett2006@hotmail.com
  9. are you running any more leagues? 

  10. interested aaronbarnett2006@hotmail.com
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