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  1. Penny is never, ever, ever going to be a thing. How many times can a guy get fooled? He'll never be healthy. Collins played 71% of the snaps, had 75% of the carries, and 50% of the RB targets last week. This is his backfield now -- for whatever that's worth with Geno at the helm. Probably not a lot. But it's his until further notice.
  2. The play calling is atrocious. The team is unwatchable. And still his floor is 20 points. Don’t overthink it.
  3. Carson has plenty to worry about if he has a bad neck. Meanwhile Collins did just enough to stay on my bench but not enough to ever start moving forward while we watch this situation play out. So, you know, terrific. Just terrific.
  4. I mean sure but he only played 43% & 45% of the snaps the last two weeks, he's never been healthy for a full season (for a variety of reasons), and the neck is clearly bad enough that he's (just been declared) inactive tonight. Look, I love Chris Carson. He's been undervalued in drafts for years. But the idea that this isn't something to worry about the rest of the season is crazy. I'm also not an orthopedist but a chronic injury that can flare up at any moment just sounds very problematic for a guy who makes a living taking massive body shots from 300 lbs guys every week.
  5. I’m sorry but “chronic neck injury that can flare up at any moment” and “not expected to become a season long issue” are incompatible statements. They can’t both be true.
  6. At this point I’m not sure Rudolph is truly a downgrade for Diontae.
  7. I know two things for certain: We’re all going to pick him up, and it won’t end well.
  8. He’s averaging 20.5 PPG in PPR through three remarkably consistent weeks, horrendous QB play be damned. If you have a better FLEX, congrats on winning your league. But this guy was an absolute steal in drafts.
  9. Sounds like Cooks is eating with 150 yards.
  10. It’s always nice when your 13th round pick starts the year as a WR1.
  11. I want no part of a backfield where one mistake gets you benched for the entire game. It’s going to happen again and it’s going to cost you your week.
  12. Hope everyone took the over on his prop bets. 87 yards and a TD on 9 touches at the half is special enough for me.
  13. Manoah looking dominant against the Rays tonight.
  14. He's only starting in 27% of Yahoo leagues. Guess there's an awful lot of cowards out there.
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