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  1. Great schedule ROS and they preform well against bad teams. Better outlook than most of the teams probably left on the wire.
  2. Thats a fair assessment but they preform well when they play bad teams and they will be playing plenty of bad teams in the weeks to come. Hence why I stated that, they may not have the "best outlook ROS" but theres a strong chance they are extremely efficient and we all know fantasy is all about matchups. Can't just state stats and not the context.
  3. I think the offense picks it up in the latter half of the season,and you should take account of the quality of offenses they've played so far. They've showed that they're good against bad teams.
  4. People really just come out here with outrageous takes for shock value lol.
  5. Philly D if you have plans of winning your league!
  6. People just play oblivious to the eye test lmao, anyone with a IQ above 70 could tell Toney is a special talent.
  7. Promise you Toney ends the season with more points than AJB lol
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