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  1. Chisholm (2nd/ss) - BA will be low but has a good chance at 20+/20+ and score a 100 runs Tim Anderson - Should hit .300 with 20/20 possible and a 100 runs. Not really a stash but a player you forget about when drafting for some reason. Rickey Lopez - will flirt with with .300 and a possible 30 steals
  2. Pollard is good for only week 6 and then the Cowboys have a bye so you would more then likely looking for another fill in for week 7 .
  3. What was his total for the game? Looks like around 9 rushes for 43 yards. Even with RB dropping like crazy and bye weeks this is a backfield I want nothing to do with.
  4. Eight leagues and played for the championship in each. Lost them all.
  5. Cleveland @ Houston New Orleans @ Carolina Arizona at home against Minnesota So who do you start between Cleveland, NO, or Arizona? All three have good matchups in week 3 also
  6. Post game he says he is fine. Says this winter he is gong back and doing a tennis ball drill where after he throws a pitch and then a tennis ball is hit at him. Dude does a funny interview.
  7. On Yahoo Sermon has the NA tag. Just a heads up
  8. Sal Perez got me out of the catcher scrap pile as a 13th round draft pick
  9. You would think so. Greinke also is listed as Covid. Kind of glad the season is winding down
  10. Seems to bad to be sent down to AAA when the Twins pitching staff comes to town.
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