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  1. Lol well ok...This is a fantasy sports website and the all its forums are for fantasy sports (outside of the "off topic section). If you just want to talk NCAAF there are plenty of places to do it. Reddit is a good place to start and you could check out r/CFB. Some individual teams have very active subreddits and others are posted in sparingly. Also I believe there are many individual team forums on places like Rivals.com, 247, etc.
  2. For more on what this could mean for his outlook this season if it is in fact mallet finger.
  3. I'd like to know as well. My favorite league I play in each year is actually a CFF league and it's a lot of fun. Also, it's assumed in your post but specifically NCAA fantasy football. Wish there was one as involved with it as much as these forums are with pro sports. Please post link if anyone knows of a good one.
  4. Yes obj had a HOF QB that was coming off a 57% 18TD/27int 2013 season. To put that in perspective Lamar has 21 career INTs.
  5. I'm having a heavy case of deja vu reading this and it's taking me back to 2014. That year the giants had a solid WR group lead by Victor Cruz and Reuben Randle. They drafted a WR in the first round that offseason and he had injuries and setbacks during the preseason but just looked really talented. The "logic" side of my brain said the rookie wouldn't be too relevant in 2014 because at LSU he played a lot of slot on a run heavy team and did not do much in college other than a few spurts of excellence here and there. I thought there's not enough targets around for him. The first three games he played he did alright with a couple TDs, but then because "football" he was unleashed week 8 and went 8/100+ with double digit targets and finished the year with double digit TDs and multiple 100yd games. It was Odell Beckham and it wreaks of the same stench in here. Sometimes it just kinda happens. People have talent, the team sees it, and the cream just rises to the top. I am getting that same feeling right now with Bateman. Sometimes just go with your gut and not your brain. I see week 9 as his equivalent to OBJ's week 8. He'll get eased in for 1-3 games, they'll have a bye, then they take the chains off and unleash him at home vsMIN.
  6. If you don’t like moore because of a flukey TD, like him because of this. If you watched him in college and watched how ARI has been using him and the spots they’re getting him the ball, you’ll know he’s gushing with playmaking. If he gets 7ish targets even if they’re just screens or quick passes, he’ll be amazing and consistent.. A lot like the way Deebo gets utilized but in a more pass happy offense. The talent always rises and this guy has been oozing with it since his freshman yr vs Ohio St.
  7. Wait when was Taylor ever considered fragile? He’s 17th all time in yds and 25th in carries. Forget Mostert, that was blasphemous to call him fragile.
  8. This idea that SPs, even top tier ones, are bulletproof all year/every year is a misconception. Bieber never had the full 6 month season to have his numbers normalize. Then we find out that he was pitching through a shoulder strain. Even so, “total hit garbage” is a bit of an exaggeration. He had an ERA in the mid 3s in 8 starts with excellent K numbers during the months you’re referring to. Every pitcher has months like that where they aren’t peak performance. Cole had 2 months of 4.50+ ERA pitching and will still end up top 5. What if it had happened in may and June then he just stopped pitching? Luis Castillo got off to a bad start and over time he pitched more to his mean. Scherzer had a month with an ERA over 5. Gausman has been great and shaky of late, still for the year will be an ace. I just think it’s a bit unfair to say he’s suddenly bad because he wasn’t pitching the beginning of this year like he ended last year. Sure there are pitchers that are lights out every month all year but that’s the exception and not the rule, even for aces. He got hurt and that’s disappointing, no doubt. You didn’t get the ROI but if he pitched the whole year healthy and may+June were his worst months this year he would’ve been a top 5 pitcher. It’s a marathon of 6 months and unfortunately injuries mean not everyone finishes the race.
  9. Absolutely incredible. They just showed a stat during the rays game that blew my mind. I’ve never seen a player get this dominated by one team. Paul Fry in his last 5 appearances vs Tampa Bay: 105 pitches 1.1 innings 8 hits 17 runs 15 earned runs 11 walks 0 strikeouts 😳
  10. Until that new blood gets COVID-19 in it
  11. The funny thing is in my league he's still ranked 132 (6x6 roto add QS to pitchers, add OPS, hits, take out BA to hitters). Some of the names barely in front of him are Berrios (124), Hendricks (126). Behind him are Manaea (140), Framber Valdez (142), Aaron Nola (144), Mize (151), Alex Wood (155). Heck, Mookie is 121, Trout is 1008, and Yelich is 351. I've been playing fantasy sports for a long time and I've seen some rough early picks. In my opinion, he has already given enough to warrant he's probably not the "worst first round pick ever" even if he does not pitch again this year. Disappointing for sure, but there's been worse values this year let alone all-time.
  12. Anybody else getting strong Marques Colston vibes? I feel like he's a guy that could be deadly on 3rd downs and hopefully he plays big like Colston back in the day. The only thing I don't like is the Colts always have a handful of these guys with threads like this. They have all the ability but never get utilized and reach their potential but tease you with flashes all year (I'm looking at you Michael Pittman).
  13. The 10-day IL is the worst thing to happen to fantasy baseball
  14. Expected to play 7 innings in CF today in his rehab assignment
  15. 1/3 with a HR against Gil this year 👀
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