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  1. fun factor over myles turner...lets get it.
  2. does seem more of a fancy fun pick but when really dissected, he may do more harm than good. in that case, in for 1.
  3. i let this guy down. he's balling out and my team is 2-4 with him
  4. fantasy wise, what is his ceiling? i see he can score in bunches but will he have good fg% and contribute in other stats?
  5. safe to say i love bigs that can block and shoot 3's. bamba, jjj, porzingis.
  6. glad im not the only one entertaining embiid/ad stack. super stress for injury scares and load management but when healthy pretty dominant. especially if you go cp3/jrue or something next round. assuming 10 teams and 10th pick like me. other decision would be embiid + pg/beal
  7. need some oil on that squeaky wheel. funny when smith stared at hurts when he ran in for the td.
  8. dart throw but if he doesn't do well or damien doesn't aggravate anything, then back to the pool he goes
  9. woulda had a td last game but offensive penalty..
  10. AJ green has been quietly healthy as well.....
  11. hope so but i feel like he'll be eased in. like 20-30% snap rate.
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