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  1. He airballed layup earlier too. He looks like trash.
  2. If you hypothetically played in a PPR league and you had $50 FAAB remaining, would you sink it on D'Ernest Johnson or Demetric Felton knowing you are starting one on Thursday when the Browns are at home vs. Broncos?
  3. Colts +3.5 is kind of appealing. Jimmy G should be back at the helm though and he's pretty good at getting his playmakers involved. Sunday night game. lol, I'm with you. I kinda like it, but don't love it. I might have to really sit down with the player props this week, because I might not be betting very much at all this week.
  4. Hope everyone had a profitable week. +1.4 U here. Nothing to send my kids to college with, but I didn't lose and the games were more exciting. Lesson's Learned: 1. If you have nailed 5 parts of a 6 team parlay - it's probably wise to hedge your bet on that final game and walk away ahead. 2. Teasing through the line (through the number 0) is often advised against. 3. If you feel real good about a team, don't fall victim to convincing yourself you have to play a number because of line movement. 4. If you can get +180 on 3 team 6 point teasers, do that until the wheels fall off. Alright, let's go. It's only Tuesday and I have a long week ahead to finalize. But... 1. Panthers @ Gmen - Panthers (-2.5) - this is standing out to me right now. 3 is the magic number and I think the Gmen are an incompetent franchise that is dangerously close to giving up on Daniel Jones and with it... the season. 2. Eagles @ Raiders - Eagles (+3.5) - I'm actually waiting on this number, I think it can grow to 4 or 5, but I plan to bet against the Raiders ATS rest of season (to an extent) 3. Falcons @ Dolphins - Dolphins (+2.5) - Falcons are terrible, I want to bet this, but I want to see if it can reach 3 before I hit the button. If this was the number come Saturday though I'd either accept this number or outright Money Line Dolphins to win. 4. Easy 4 team Money Line parlay I've been having success with (+62) - Sharps / Sharks love to bet dogs and put big money when numbers become high, so I'm gonna wait on this and see if the value gets better. Packers - W Rams - W Cards - W Bucs - W
  5. Anyone worried about Pete's inability to accept that he was wrong about the Rashaad Penny draft pick and he force feeds him the rock at Alex Collins' expense? Not only has Penny been oft-injured, but he hasn't really blown anyone away while on the field despite being a 1st round pick. Yet, he still is on this team and (it appears) will still get run when he's healthy. I think old man Pete is still trying to wait for Penny to bust that one big run so he can say "I TOLD YOU SO" to everyone that has told him it was a garbage pick the last 4 years. I'm worried even if Collins is healthy this might be a 50/50 split. Yall think I'm being paranoid or there's merit to this?
  6. Do me a favor and tag me next time my man. I dropped teddy last second to stream dimes.
  7. You're talking like Gordon Hayward isn't gonna miss 30 games.
  8. Where's all the page 1 haters at these days lol. Don't panic drop players.
  9. It's the NFL. Give it time and crazy will happen.
  10. Never bet against teams that lost their coach that week. It's been one of my hard and fast rules for Survivor Leagues. I'm probably going to bet AGAINST Raiders ATS the ROS though. They're about to melt down from here on, I've seen this show before.
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