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  1. Wall being IR eligible in yahoo makes me wonder if he's stashable, his assist are hard to find on the wire.
  2. Is it time to hop off of the Coby White train?
  3. Robinson could be out for the season. Looks like the Noel party is back on
  4. Man this guy is gooood. Loving the blocks from the PG position!
  5. What a line so far! If this guy gets a block tonight 🤑
  6. I've never seen anything like this from a guard
  7. Lol you can't blame a fantasy analyst for your decision.
  8. Cole Anthony but i'm not too high on him honestly.
  9. I would say Yes. 14 team you have to take a gamble on a game like this.
  10. Brutal injury, but on the bright side at least he secured his contract before this happened.
  11. Nurk will be fine. Quoting these so I can come back in a week or two and see how he's doing.
  12. It didn't look too bad, hopefully he checks back in. Edit: He's back on the court.
  13. Not worried about this guy at all. Slowly but surely getting into shape. Might be worth sending buy low offers if his owner is impatient.
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