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  1. Seems like all it would take is to always be healthy. Evans seems like somethings off, Godwin’s missed a few weeks, Gronk can’t shoulder too big of a load if they need him for playoffs; why not?
  2. Reminds me of the Toby Gerhart in Jax time
  3. This is a tough one..has a tendency to disappear vs shadow coverage from good corners, or was it because of a reluctance to throw into those situations by Carr?
  4. I’m not saying it’s anything huge, but it just sorta looks like on one foot he’s not choosing to propel himself at the ankle as much and is lifting more at the knee. Maybe I’m just looking for something though.
  5. https://twitter.com/philaperry/status/1047996194214039552?s=12 Heres Gronk warming up. Seems to be running a little funny
  6. I've seen a league format mentioned on here where, in addition to the regular H2H record, in each week the top 6 scoring teams earn a win, and the bottom 6 scoring teams get a loss. (So if you lost a match where you were the second highest scoring team you'd still end the week 1-1, ditto if you stole a weak matchup). Is there any site that allows the commish to go in and manually add wins/losses every week, or that has a format like this? I'm not actively looking to switch, just exploring the possibility.
  7. Not a great day, but elite targets and he still out scored 1/3 of the people above him in the rankings (AB, Funchess, Baldwin, AJG, Nelson) so what can you do..
  8. Celek and Ertz combined for 10 TDs in the season Foles was starting, so there's some reason for hope that things won't go completely off the rails.
  9. Great game for Gordon; no score but Hayward made a great tip at the goal line to stop what would have been a TD. If he doesn't get that redirect then it's a 100/1 game for JG. Against lesser coverage he's going to feast, I'm a believer.
  10. Pretty much absolute best case scenario. If Williams stays out, he could have some solid games
  11. Obvs a world of difference between Cousins and Moore is what separates Drake's opportunity and Perine's. Good call on DMC, I'd be surprised if they didn't pick him up, he's exactly what they're looking for.
  12. Seems pretty clear Philly only grabbed Ajayi to stop Dallas from making the move while Zekes suspension date range was still up in the air
  13. Yup yup, my post was from his first game back a few weeks ago
  14. Was it limping? It looks like he was walking while trying to pull up his socks and stumbled a little
  15. Good comp, almost same line too; Wheaton still averaged almost 60 yards and .6TD per game after. For super fluky how bout Coates last year week 5; 140/2, then 14 yards combined rest of season (though that had a lot to do with a busted finger IIRC)
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