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  1. I can’t imagine the 49ers would invest draft capital in Sermon + Mitchell and then trade for Marlon Mack … I expect Mitchell to be a Mostert-lite rest of the way, breakout 2022 “leegwinner”
  2. It’s pretty well documented that inclement weather hurts the defense as much / more than the offense The offense / player knows where the play is going - reading and reacting in bad weather is that much harder for the defense What I like about Mitchell is he has the elite speed - but he also runs hard. Not just your average “speed back”
  3. As a Harris owner, I’m totally ok with it too. It is actually possible to own (and like) both players without throwing tantrums at the mentioning of a positive or negative about the player. There’s the Harris owners that own Stevenson, and then there’s the Harris owners who delude themselves into thinking he’s played well all year and has a secure role. Thanks for stopping by. Stevenson and Harris struggle in pass protection - it’s the only reason Bolden sees snaps. Have a great day
  4. You want non-biased opinion and you chose to read the Harris thread? Ask them why the almighty Harris has barely topped 50% of snaps since week 1. (It’s because they don’t trust him in pass protection, hence the Bolden snaps in the first place) Harris will see 15 touches; Stevenson will see 10-12 touches … Bolden will play to block and catch a pass or 2 then try and fall forward.
  5. been sitting pretty on my bench for weeks ... welcome aboard.
  6. i think he's a mostert clone ... valued him highly as a 2022 break out, will hold my breathe with cautious optimism that they dont blindly try and justify overdrafting and overpaying for Trey Sermon at this point in the season, if he were available for some reason: the "all in" FAAB might make some sense i think at this point the "league winners" have been rostered
  7. i think the games are over the dislocated finger + rookie status were roadblocks ... not anymore. Harris owners won't like the fact he hasn't topped 50% of the patriots snaps more than once since week 1 [4/6 weeks below 50% snaps] - this is going to be a 60/40 timeshare at worst with a distinct possibility Stevenson carves out the goal line role. Stevenson has had 19 touches the last 2 weeks ... if hes still on your wire, change that.
  8. good read thanks; good hands on a 230 pound frame as the cold weather looms for a defense-first team with awful WRs ... giddy up
  9. On a scale of 1-10, how confidently are owners in him having a 10-15 touch role going forward? Serious question, enlighten me. I love Mitchell’s game long term and think he could be a 2022 breakout … obviously Mostert out of the picture but I still anticipate Sermon getting reps to justify the (sunk?) cost + Wilson looms … Shorter Question: Where does he rank ROS among RBs? Top 20-25?
  10. James White meets Legarrette Blount … nice little timeshare with Harris LOOK HARRIS OWNERS THIS IS ME ONCE AGAIN SAYING HOW STEVENSON WILL NOT STEAL THE JOB BUT CARVE OUT ENOUGH OF A ROLL TO BE VALUABLE IN 12+ TEAM LEAGUES I wonder if the waiver wire “experts” will be touting him this week … weird
  11. On what planet is a RB getting 15-20 touches in 1 of the best offenses in the NFL not an “RB1” Not that the label matters whatsoever, but c’mon
  12. I don’t think Patterson in a timeshare with Mckissic is gonna save us … bye week on the horizon, just IR him
  13. How many times do I need to say this? 1. I own Harris. Yay. 2. I never said Stevenson was better, nor would he outright take the job. I did bunk this thread when Harris was coming off multiple “pathetic” performances. 3. I said exactly what’s happening today is what would happen. He will carve out a role, he will surprise people with his ability in the passing game, and it will be a Harris/Stevenson timeshare. This is all I ever said. Get over it.
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