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  1. Any news on his hamstring injury? I didn’t see the game and have just read snippets here and there. I know he didn’t practice yesterday.
  2. I completely disagree, this is 100% incorrect. Every year there are late/undrafted QBs who finish top 5-10, and the majority of QBs drafted early fail to live up to their ADP.
  3. I hope this selfish loser gets cut. Only healthy QB on a team fighting for a division title goes out to a strip club to party right after a loss in the middle of a pandemic. What a pathetic a**hole. As a WFT fan, if Alex Smith isn’t ready, I’d rather start a dude off the practice squad than let this pr*ck take another snap in the burgundy and gold.
  4. If anyone needs a laugh, start at the beginning of this thread and read every post all the way through.
  5. Was honestly hoping for more... the Texans are god awful against RBs in every facet of the game (rushing, pass-catching, etc.). Solid game, but not smash spot numbers you hope for. Will be interested to see how he does next week; every one of his good games (even earlier in the season) have been in the cakiest of cake matchups.
  6. I’m expecting better. He’s a better QB than Glennon or Luton (so the offense should move more efficiently), and he hasn’t been afraid to throw to his RBs in the past. I just hope he doesn’t play hero-ball in an effort to prove something after being seemingly snubbed the last few weeks. That could lead to more pushing the ball down the field and scrambling instead or check-downs.
  7. Not sure why we crack you up, 98% of the people in here are saying the same thing you just did.
  8. You can’t blame him, it’s just super unfortunate with the timing. He had one real bad drop, but it would’ve only been for about 10 yards. He missed on another couple somewhat catchable balls that were a bit longer. They gave Adams bracket coverage on every play and let that bum Lazard run free all night. No end zone targets tonight that I can recall, and YAC was minimal. This sucks, but if I’m fortunate enough to squeeze through to the ‘Ship, I know Adams will repay us next week.
  9. Take what he gave us and run on a night like tonight for Rodgers and the passing offense.
  10. I had a feeling this was coming at some point. Still... Such a shame it happened in the worst possible week. Ugh. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  11. The FG only made sense if they were committed to kicking a touchback, bc it saved a TO.
  12. All these Jones owners whining. The first down throw to Adams was smart, the guy just made a good tackle. The 2nd down was a miscommunication... a rare bad read by Rodgers. They had to throw on 3rd and long.
  13. ...to make matters worse I’m up against Waller 🤦🏻‍♂️
  14. C’mon Davante... pleaaasssee do something next drive. 😩
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