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  1. Seems like he and DJ aren't clicking like they were earlier in the year, that seems to be the problem right now.
  2. Only week I needed ya, Mr. Bolden. I'm afraid he and James White are NOT the Spiderman meme.
  3. Could've definitely been his calf, I had a grade 2 calf tear last year, and it feels like your calf blows up. If that was it, I'm guessing it was something he's never felt before, and he was so emotional because it felt worse than it actually is, but the outcome isn't as bad as it feels. Usually 4-8 weeks, without surgery.
  4. Didn't look good, even Watt knew something was wrong.
  5. This is my yeah to a T. It doesn't make sense, and I've score the most points. Brutal
  6. Tell me you're a Delta Bravo without telling me you're a Delta Bravo.
  7. Could've had Brady, Herbert, ugggghhh.
  8. He already had the surgery today 😢
  9. Not even ONE target?? What the hell is going on here?? They're using him like he's Brandon Jacobs.
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