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  1. What is the best punting strategy around Curry? This is assuming that’s the route you go because a balanced team option also exists with how elite he is.
  2. My league is unique by having O boards ipo Turnovers. Makes the big men more valuable and basically makes the high volume guards even more valuable.
  3. 0-5! Team just doesn’t have it but wouldn’t have mattered anyway as opponent was on fire with Herbert, Evans, Taylor, Robinson.
  4. Played Corey Davis over Woods and Cooks, needed high ceiling plays hoping for touchdowns. Everything going wrong this year in FF for me. Unbelievably rough.
  5. Well shoot bro, never mind. That changes the premise entirely. Apologies bro.
  6. LMAO. This reminds me of the meme of the fat guy sitting on the couch with chips in his hand watching a gymnast fall during an event- "wow.... what an idiot".
  7. If CMC sits it’s Hubbard pretty easily to me. Otherwise I think Murray has best chance to score a touchdown. Then Davis and Waddle. just like mine… it’s tough. Literally just gambling.
  8. I moved Davis in about an hour ago haha. I feel I have pretty solid depth but it clearly has not translated to a win. Like I said most frustrating year I’ve had easily.
  9. Stumped. Sitting at 0-4 so not like this really matters. Sat Woods last night (classic), but played Stafford (not great). Ridley is out. Plenty of others limited in practice. The BOLD are who I am leaning towards. Literally have moved everyone in or out the last 2 days. This is literally just guessing. RB: Cook (is he playing??), DWilliams WR: AJBrown, Cooper Flex: Need 2 of MDavis, CDavis, Cooks, DHarris
  10. What you're saying is you don't want the positional players because you don't think, given the reasons you listed, anyone is "locked" for a decent day. I think that alone shows why you WOULD want one of the defensive plays.
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