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  1. I’m sure there are some great stories about drafting Chase out there. My most competitive home league (as competitive as a 10 team can be, 0.5 ppr) thats been running for 11 years now, we have in person drafts every year. Was up in the early 8th round and walking to our Chase’s name up on the draft board (as my WR4) and got a few chuckles from the other managers. All I had to say was, “You really think the unanimous all american, biletnikoff award winning WR, and 5th overall pick can’t catch a football, are you kidding me?” Got absolute crickets in response 😂
  2. Freshly 21 years old this guy is out here winning up the sideline with the game on the line versus one of the best corners in the game in Xavien Howard. Everyone always imagines how good some of the great athletes in the NBA would be at playing tight end, and Pitts is exactly what I’d imagine them looking like on the field. His size combined with his athleticism just makes him unguardable 1 on 1… as a guy who turned 21 years old 3 weeks ago. He is already dropping 150 yard games in a relatively bad offense. Congrats to whoever got this guy in dynasty already, you got the TE1 for the next decade.
  3. Combine elite route running skills with elite explosiveness, 4.34 40 yard dash, 41 inch vertical, 11 foot broad jump. WR Core of Justin Jefferson and Terrace Marshall were overshadowed by a sophomore Chase who broke the SEC record for receiving TDs in a season, yardage record in the CFB championship game, unanimous all american, and won the Biletnikoff award for being the best WR in the country over Cedee Lamb, Justin Jefferson, Pittman, Jeudy, among others. Many called this guy the best WR draft prospect since Julio, other more ‘realistic’ scouts in my opinion said since Amari Cooper (because he was in his own right an unbelievable prospect). In hindsight, he was an obvious value, but I think this is a lesson many can take away from Chase into upcoming drafts in future years. There are certain times you just have to take the asymmetric upside bet on the guy who is sliding down drafts because of preseason narratives, when he has the talent (upside) to make it all worthwhile. That’s how teams ended up with a WR1 in Chase as their WR3, and an RB1 in Swift as their RB2 (groin injury… even a murder investigation at one point?) this year.
  4. Yeah I do wonder if his time away from Football almost helped in a way. AB is lauded about for his insane work ethic when it comes to football. I can’t see him taking the 2 year or so gap from football lightly, if anything he was still working out like crazy. Its why he came back for NE for 1 game in 2019 and looked great. Physically he was getting ready the entire time… like idk, this doesn’t look like a guy who was doing anything but keeping his body in absolute peak form during his time away. Might just be confirmation/hindsight bias here being an AB owner, but 2 years away from taking crazy shots from LBs and safeties over the middle and probably working out like an animal? For one of the best receivers probably of all time? I had not even considered he could be so explosive at 33 still, but sheesh does he look like it, and in hindsight… it kinda makes sense?
  5. I threw him on my IR spot. If Collins looks good this weekend, I imagine he will continue to at least get the majority of carries. If Collins looks bad… I can see Penny getting at least a significant amount of work.
  6. If Terry is out this week, Ricky has a real blow up opportunity against one of the worst defenses in the NFL… can see him getting double digit targets if Terry doesn’t go.
  7. Cardinals constructing their roster like its 2018 lol JJ Watt, DHop, Ertz 1st team all pro that year. James Conner pro bowler
  8. Jalen Ramsey had same situation in 2019. NFL didn’t let him play. Reference:
  9. Snaps Routes Run Targets Mike Evans 70 40 3 Chris Godwin 68 40 5 Antonio Brown 37 30 13 Pretty clear who Brady’s favorite target is. Evans/Godwin out there more in 2 WR sets to run block. 0.43 targets per route run for Brown last night. To put that into perspective, only 4 WRs who have ran a minimum of 100 routes this year have over 0.3 targets per route run. Davante, Kupp, Deebo, and Cooks. AB now has run 141 routes on the season, and has 42 targets. Thats 0.297 TPRR on the season, good enough for 5th in the league. Other guys around 0.29? Diggs, Mike Williams, Tyreek, and Terry. Only thing stopping AB from being a top 15 WR rest of season is how many targets Gronk gets after he is back, and how that impacts AB’s TD rate. Either way, as the WR34 off the board in draft season… and was dropping in the 8th/9th round, the best WR of the last decade might have been a good pick at that spot in drafts.
  10. Absolutely dusted that entire defense, and has 19 targets in the two games without Gronk… on the offense with the highest neutral game script pass rate in the NFL. https://youtu.be/PScwg4uD3Zo TB12 calling him a “football genius” this week, on top of calling him a brother of his as you said. Business will be boomin tonight.
  11. I do think you should be moving on from Hunt, I’d bet on his other worldly efficiency regressing sooner rather than later. Also, I am high af on DJM rest of season. I think he has a shot to finish as a top 5 WR, if not top 3. I believe in his talent heavily and he is getting similar usage as the top 5 guys (same targets per route run as Diggs, Tyreek, DK). Anyway, the question comes do you need to add Dalvin to a CMC/Zeke team already? For me, no not with giving up that at WR when you are already thin. I mean your WR3 got one catch last week (Viska), and you gonna roll him out? I’d personally be trying to send Hunt out for an elite WR. Look at the tier of Metcalf, Keenan, Lamb. Potentially buy high on Chase/Deebo if their owners aren’t believing their production can keep up. Buying low on Ridley, or AJB + something else as well. Would then leave your roster as: Starters in bold:WR: DJ Moore, McLaurin, Shenault, R. Moore, MooneyRB: CMC, Zeke, Carter, Khalil Herbert, J. Wilson (IR)Flex: DK/Keenan/Lamb Personally, I like that better as a team that is a little more balanced.
  12. Williams for me… I think both have a shot at good games. But, I think Williams has a very good chance at scoring this week. WAS D has been pretty bad too, so his ceiling may be higher than you would think.
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