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  1. 5 x 5 hth no keep swanson, villar, lourdes gurriell or Brandon lowe its for a middle infield position currently have Swanson. not team in sig thanks
  2. I can keep 4 guys from last year’s team. There is no limit on how long I can keep them. Thanks
  3. Tucker- playing time? Has had chances before Lux- sure why not- I’d go with him. Regular playing time when Muncy is out. Wrist/hand injuries are hard to predict. Good luck!
  4. 10 team traditional 5x5 yahoo redraft league. Not for team in sig Thanks
  5. Please rank for a 12 team traditional 5x5 hth no keeper league. Thanks
  6. If that’s Castillo for the reds he’s your man. I’d drop Glasnow.
  7. I’d look to deal some of your rookie SPs that could be on an innings limit. I don’t see Marquez being an upgrade that you already have. I wouldn’t burn it here.
  8. Add Matt Olson, Nick Senzel and Matt Carpenter to the list as well. Its a traditional 5x5 10 team no keepers
  9. I’d pass. You could possibly trading away close to 53 saves ros. It also depends how many saves your up on 4th,5th, 6th place teams etc. and what place the team your trading with is in saves.
  10. Gallen- ip limit, plays on bad team, rookie ups and downs Peacock- kind of like a box of chocolate Canning- ip limit, rookie ups and downs Quintana- same as Peaccock Gibson- not a fan Lamet- TJ surgery, ups and downs, upside though (2nd choice) Gio- not a fan Valdez- ip limit, might not stay in rotation Roark- looks good so far, if reds falter could be traded to better team. (1st choice)
  11. Biggio for me. Mets and Cano=🤮🤢🤮
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