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  1. Your material is terrible. He runs 4.3x I can promise nothing about how that translates to his NFL production or usage, but I can promise you did zero research if you couldn't manage to find out he's fast.
  2. 1: Chuba was drafted in every competent league. I'm ignoring anything relative to him. 2: You're using entire team rushing (ATL) vs single player rushing. In your previous post, you stated Mike Davis rushed for only 4 yards more than Eli vs the same defense. 4th round pick vs 100 FAAB... Easy decision for me. 3: If you want to use a poker reference, pick one that holds any relevance. Spending $100 FAAB on a player in week 1 isn't the equivalent of going all in on a single hand. Not even close, there are realistically no consequences for blowing 100 faab other than opportunity cost. Blowing all your FAAB is the equivalent of spending a big blind to get a 3rd card pre flop. When everyone else is playing with 2 cards and you get 3, you have a theoretical advantage. Now, that 3rd card might be rainbow deuce, never catch a single piece of the board, and add absolutely zero value to your hand... But that's the gamble. The point is, having 1 extra card over your opponent is an advantage. We all had 15 rounds to land starting RBs, and grabbing Eli means I had 1 more starting RB than my competition. Maybe that starter is garbage, gets folded, and my blind is gone... But fantasy football, just like poker, is a game of statistical odds. Whether people like to admit it or not. For nearly a decade, I've preached on this forum, if you continually bet on the most likely thing to happen, you will consistently find more and more success. You can not isolate a single pick, single player, single week, etc. Zoom out. Play the odds, and you will slowly start seeing more gains over time. In regards to your 2nd post, which was far more thought out and well written, I want to remind you, and everyone... That at the point in time that we were bidding on Elijah, the NFL and Fantasy landscape was DRASTICALLY different than currently. You can disagree, that's okay, but if you go back and read any of my pre-season analysis on the 49ers backfield (before any RB injuries) the 9ers were expected to be top 10 offense, with a top 5 rushing o line, and under Shanahan showed they rushed the ball just as often as Cleveland last year. (Over 500 times if I recall). Then week 1 happens and Elijah gets force fed 19 carries, puts up over 100 yards rushing and a TD, all while Sermon is a healthy scratch for 'performance issues' per the coach. At that point in time, I was thinking this is THE scenario you dream of. It's exactly what you wait for in fantasy all year long, hoping you have the top priority for\faab for. And it happened in week 1, in one of the best possible NFL situations there is? I'm not convinced anyone could convince me that it wasn't worth a SIGNIFICANT bid with those facts, at that time. Obviously, now its week 7. The 9ers offense, oline, QB, and run game all look middle of the road. If I had 6 weeks to evaluate the offense and we pretend Mostert went down 2 days ago, Eli was taking over as the lead back starting Week 7... Yeah, definitely not getting anywhere near the $100 mark. Context matters. So while it's easy for some to evaluate the 9ers in hindsight, FAAB bids are about foresight. I'll tell you right now, if you believe there's a top 10 offense, with a top 5 oline, a history of a successful coach who runs 500 times a year, and a starting RB who will be a workhorse in that offense getting 18+ carries... No matter who the player is, or what team we're talking about... I will throw money at them every time. It's the smart bet. Even if I get it wrong, a smart bet is something I can stand behind and support, even if it backfires in my face. It was the perfect storm of everything that creates fantasy production, I will not look back and regret it. Maybe I screwed up my analysis of the 9ers as a team, that's fair. But the decision to blow FAAB on what I thought was a workhorse in a top 10 offense, behind a top 5 oline, is an EASY decision and I'll do it every single year if that opportunity arises. Anyone who doesn't chase that type of opportunity, isn't playing the same game. If you want to argue price, be my guest. Every league is different, and in my leagues $25 wouldn't have gotten a single player that's been mentioned in the last 3 pages. No one knows your league better than you. I refuse to watch my opponent ride the success of a player I believed in, just because I wanted to squabble over 10-25 fake dollars that I would have blown on someone else within 2 weeks anyways. This is also probably based on skill and confidence. I'm fairly confident I could beat half this forum with 0 FAAB. Anyways... If we're still talking poker, Eli is an Ace in the hole, and week 6 is the flop at best. People who are folding are weak, but ultimately it's way too early for anyone to say the hand is over. 8 weeks to go for playoffs. 11 weeks 'till the championship. I'll repeat, only 6 weeks down, potentially 11 to go. Maybe I'm chasing a draw... We'll see at the turn. (End of week 9)
  3. Even if you didn't go all in, the next week you spend the other half of your FAAB on Montgomery's backup, D.Williams, bam Covid list? Then another 20-30 on Toney? 36 yards and injured. Woohoo. Booker? 10 points. The other D.Williams for KC worked out, but all of the above (sans Toney) are 3 week rentals. Eli is still likely to return 10 weeks of a starting RB. That alone is worth something more than these other guys you mention even offer. I picked up the Browns RBs for free last week, and probably still over paid. Eli or D'Ernest this week, who would you rather start? Who would you rather spend your FAAB on if both were on the WW? Who would you rather have ROS? The only reason you can discredit the investment on Eli (to date) is 100% due to injury, which is an invalid argument. If he sucks for 3 more weeks while healthy, then you can say it was a mistake, but until then, anyone trying to evaluate the pickup simply doesn't have the data to do it, yet.
  4. This is such a lazy opinion. Waivers take 1hr on a good week. (Or bad, however you see it). FA finds take 30 seconds. That leaves 166 hours, 59 minutes, and 30 seconds to drag you for terrible takes. More importantly it shows a complete ignorance of the fantasy landscape as of Week 6. Even if I were to accept your Borderline RB3 evaluation... That's a STARTER for 80% of the teams in a 12 team league. I have this same Ted Talk every year. Everyone wants to be a RB snob in the weeks leading up to the draft, but low and behold, EVERY YEAR, by week 6 to 8, we're all scrapping the bottom of the Barrell for any RB who can possibly score double digits. I own Chubb, Hunt, Carson, and J.Robinson. 7 short days ago I had the best RB core in my entire league, I couldn't even start all of them. This week I'm deciding whether to start Eli or Collins. How quickly people forget. There's a reason ZeroRB continues to have success no matter how much people value RBs each season. Because if my RBs are going to be Alex Collins and Elijah Moore... Then at least my WRs should be Adams, Diggs, and McLaurin, right? Eli has dominated touches and snaps every single week he's been active. He's not through the bye, hopefully healthy, and luckily his injury was not lower body, so it should have no effect in his running ability. We'll cross the Jeff Wilson bridge if\when it comes. Until then, considering bye weeks and injuries, Eli seems like an easy RB2 until proven otherwise. I still have zero regrets about my FAAB bid, and I still feel he has the opportunity to be one of the most valuable pick ups of the year. He still has to seize that opportunity. Trey Lance is the only threat to Eli at the current time. Not Sermon and not Wilson. Just my .02 Do not let injury alter your entire perception of a player, and don't overvalue his first game back from injury. You have to compartmentalize. For 2 games he looked like a top 15 back. For 1 game he was working his way back, his team got dominated, abandoned the run, and his QB took off every chance he could. At a glance, I don't see 20 RBs I'd rather start this week than Eli. We'll see how that plays out come Sunday though. The 17-18 area feels right to me. Eli vs Earnest? I'll take Eli. Give me McKissick for sure. Harris vs the Jets is a coin flip. Sanders and Conner... Right in that tier seems good. Problem is the next 3 matchups are very bad for RBs, so expectations have to be tempered. Regardless he's a solid bye week stop gap at the least, and hopefully I can sit in him until week 10 and see how he and the 9ers mesh.
  5. As a progressive commissioner, you have to consider the precedent you're setting. First and foremost, altering a players eligibility AFTER the draft, is a no-no to me. A players position drastically alters the way we value, rank, and draft them all off-season. Changing their eligibility after the draft, completely changes the way the entire league would have valued that player, and possibly effects where they were taken\drafted. It's unfair for the commissioner to make changes after the draft. I actually don't think ANY rules should be changed midseason unless it's absolutely unanimous. Your payment is a binding contract to the terms in which you agreed to play by. Changing them after accepting payment basically breaks the contract, and gives anyone a valid point to demand an immediate refund. However, if the platform changes a player, by whatever means they decide, then sobeit. But there's no way any logical commissioner can put themselves in a position for this to be a reoccurring issue. There's too much grey area and you'll only cause yourself more problems. Alvin Kamara catches more passes than he has rushes, is he a WR? What if next year 1 owner is salty and wants to dispute it, because you did it last year... Why is this different? Random WR takes an end around or a jet sweep, okay can I play them at RB now? No commissioner who thinks it through will allow a change of their own doing. UNLESS you install black and white, hard rules about what will or will not qualify a change for all future players. But the NFL changes too quickly, weekly snaps, injuries, a commissioner could have the same player get complained about 8 times in a single season. Say you change CP84 to a RB... Then ATL trades for Marlon Mack and CP84 never carries the ball again, now are you going to change him back to WR only? Let's say CP84 gets hurt, they publicly state Russell Gage will slide into the CP84 role... Do you give Gage RB eligibility? When CP84 returns from injury, do you switch it again? You will constantly be fighting your league and the ebb and flow of the NFL if you allow this, just once. As someone who has a very... "Creative" mind, and has dealt with other 'schemers' in my home league, I assure you, you do not want to open this box. Either the platform changes the position, or it doesn't change. It should never be in the commissioners control and if it is, they should deny it immediately to avoid a never ending loop of technicalities.
  6. Doesn't really matter. In 5 games with Russ he downright won you at least 2 weeks. More importantly, based on ADP, I see... 3? WRs in the next 3 rounds that you'd rather own. Chase, AB, and maybe Cooks. And the only reason you'd take Cooks is because Russ isn't starting anymore, but neither is Tyrod so I'll call it fair game. How bad Lockett is with Geno has no effect on preseason analysis though, it's a non factor. Lockett is still the perfect kind of flex player for the way I construct my teams. Absolutely zero complaints about his performance thus far. If you're still starting him at this point it's out of desperation because without Russ's deep ball, it's a completely different player analysis that isn't even worth evaluating in my opinion.
  7. Peyton Manning could get off the couch and throw a better deep ball than Josh Allen has tonight. What happened to him.
  8. Ty'Son has more carries, more catches, more points, less competition, and a clearer path to a starting job than the guy you're in the thread of. So why not? Championships are not won in the first 6 weeks. If you believe Ty'Son (or Stevenson) can earn or work themselves into a valuable role then you can stash them. Both players have looked impressive when they actually get to touch the ball. 10million starters are on IR already, why would you not carry the potential benefactor? Bye weeks matter, but for the most part, your entire bench should be players who could blow up in the final half of the season, for whatever reason, injury or otherwise.
  9. Believe it or not, 2020 is the ONLY season in the past 5 years that NE has NOT had a RB with at least 1k yards. But that's probably because Cam Newton was their RB, running for 592 yards and 11Tds by himself. Sony Michel in 2019 James White in 2018 (Sony had 981 yards) Dion Lewis in 2017 Blount in 2016 Bonus: Steven Ridley in 2012.
  10. So much for that. Just placed on IR. Will miss minimum of 3 more weeks.
  11. I hope this is a joke. It really feels like you got bent over a barrell and shown the 50 states. Thielen and Metcalf weren't far apart, but Metcalf just lost Russ for 4 weeks. Cp84 was light years better than Moss, and you didn't need a QB... What the...
  12. Last year when Chubb went down, in week 4, D'Ernest came in and had 13 carries for 95 yard in that same game. Unfortunately he did absolutely nothing for the next 4 weeks that Chubb did not play. Felton wasn't there last year, but is working with the WRs in practice. It feels like Ernest is still the next guy up, but I have 0 confidence in any type of production. Picked him up anyways because I'm a degenerate. Ernest has played 8 snaps so far this season. Felton has played 23, but I image most were from the WR position. Landry is out for this game, and based on Felton working exclusively with the WR group, I still think he keeps his same role as the Landry replacement wannabe and Ernest gets #2 RB duties. How much that's worth, or how long it lasts is currently unknown, but I saw at least 1 rumor if IR for Chubb, so if you have a free spot to play with, it might be worth a swing. Thought I'd share.
  13. 11th in targets. 11th in receptions. 11th in yards. T6th in TDs. 12th in fantasy points. 🤡
  14. 10 out of 10 people would tell you that holding 2 top 5 QBs is terrible team management.
  15. Glad to see you coming to your senses. Still crazy to me that you had him ranked as a top 12 back and called me out for having him outside the top 20. Nothing against Sanders personally, I think he's a talented back. On any other team, he'd be interesting. As stated 2 months ago, Phi refuses to commit to a RB, and drafting Gainwell was an obvious reminder that nothing was gunna change.
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