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  1. Because Harden is the PG and passing to Simmons who can’t shoot doesn’t solve anything for the Nets. Plus I doubt he wants to bang in the paint with Sabonis and Mo Bamba. Then Kyrie to Embiid don’t even sound well. You are looking at 40 games missed from them combined.
  2. So after a 0-6 preseason start, multiple practices how much more time they need?
  3. In what leagues you’re in? He was drafted in all leagues that I was in.
  4. Does Nwora pass the eye test. Or is this just a one game flyer?
  5. According to BBR. Haliburton played 13% at SF Hield played 53% at SF.
  6. I like your thinking. But cmon, Wall is trash at this point of his career. Barely shot 40% and makes 75% of your free throws so you leaving points at the free throw line. Wall and Embiid sounded nice 4 years ago.
  7. I mean if you need rebounds he should be solid. I think he is 4th option at best. Morant/JJJ/Brooks/ Adams or maybe Anderson.
  8. Right giving away a healthy body for a worn down Wall who hasn’t been really healthy in 2 years. Pass.
  9. So essentially the Ben Simmons for Harden trade that should of happened last season except now Harden is on the Nets and KPJ is the starting PG.
  10. Damn. Imagine still drafting this guy who told you he wasn’t getting the shot but you still believe he is going to get the shot. IDk who is in denial here.
  11. 3 out of 7 leagues so far with Curry shares. I expect a breakout start to get the team rolling until Klay gets back then I think he will slow down a little to get him settled in. The Doncic fanboys have made owning Curry a blessing this season.
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