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  1. Crazy how Big Ben gets the ball out so fast
  2. Slayton and Shep are complete JAGS and Golladay doesn't look good at all. Toney looks like a hybrid of AB and Deebo, he's a lock and loaded WR2 RoS
  3. How bad is the DMo injury? Done for the year?
  4. I'm sad I missed out on Cordarrelle, this guy is gonna be a WR2 lol
  5. Is Fields the starter now? Didn't watch the game but saw he finished it
  6. Damn, he can't be added yet on Yahoo
  7. Thoughts? Had a decent statline, could be a serviceable flex this season
  8. He's gonna be a rock solid RB1 with top 5 upside once Fields takes the job
  9. He's on pace for 34 TDs this season, I'm all in. LFG!!
  10. This guy was a league winner last season. He's probably super motivated to get himself another nice 1-year contract. Granted he's on the crappy Jets this time but I think he'll be at least a WR3 RoS
  11. Oh man....I was super wrong on this one
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