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  1. Solid strategy “dumping” a player ranked in the top 10 in most formats who’s scored 20+ points in all 7 weeks.
  2. Blow up day (relatively speaking) incoming.
  3. Hell of a call here. Your post helped sway me in starting him over Corey Davis in my flex so many thanks!
  4. Me on Sunday morning: my bench is so stacked, I’m going to take a goose egg in my d/st slot because I don’t want to drop any of these studs. Me on Tuesday morning: I’m now ready to drop half these bums.
  5. Agree 100% with this ad blocker nonsense. A polite request every now and then to turn off your ad blocker is fine, but have it disabled please or you’re going to upset a lot of your customers.
  6. I’m not sure what CMC’s season last year has to do with Gibson. He sustained a high ankle sprain and returned when he was 100 percent. He looked great until he landed awkwardly on his shoulder and had a totally unrelated injury. Imo, there are two likely scenarios they’re looking at: 1. He keeps trying to play through the pain. If they go that route, the stress fracture will undoubtedly get worse week to week which means the pain is going to get worse each week. If that happens, he’ll either end up being forced to shut it down because the pain is too much to run on or he’ll end up altering his gait and injure something else. While not too likely, there is also a possibility that the stress fracture gets large enough that they have to fix it surgically. 2. He shuts it down now and comes back when he is 100 percent healed. When a tibial stress fracture has fully healed, it usually becomes very strong and the risk of reinjury is quite low. Obviously, the down side to this option is that these stress fractures can take quite some time to heal, but in an elite athlete like Gibson I’d bet he’d heal at a faster rate than the general population. Had they already done this when he was first diagnosed, we’d be looking at having a fully healthy Gibson coming out of the week 9 bye. Neither of these two options are great which is reflective of the situation he’s in (as well as the WFT and his fantasy owners). At this point, I think the right call is to shut him down and put his long term health as the top priority.
  7. Agreed. The correct move would’ve been to place him on IR and bring him back week 10 fully healed after their week 9 bye. The expectation that he could play through this all season seems misguided at best and probably downright irresponsible. This feels like a move the Mets would make.
  8. The problem they’re faced with is a week or two of rest isn’t going to do anything of significance. Tibial stress fractures take 4-6 weeks to heal if everything goes right, but could take several months in some cases. I had one in my 20’s when I was running marathons and it took forever to finally heal. I didn’t want to give up all my training so I’d try to just shut it down for a week or two but the pain would come back almost immediately. I can only imagine how tough it must be trying to gut it out as a running back in the NFL with one. He must be living on painkillers on a daily basis.
  9. He missed his calling to be an ambulance-chasing attorney.
  10. Clearly deserves to go, but I can’t help wonder if this means we won’t get anymore photos of Gruden and Mark Davis together….
  11. Crutches and a walking boot are a pretty standard initial treatment for an athlete with a moderate to severe low ankle sprain.
  12. NFL coaching 101. You don’t want players to fear losing their jobs due to injury. While it still happens from time to time (and it might very well happen here if Lance balls out), coaches want to at least give the illusion that your job is safe if you get injured.
  13. Game 162 is finally here. There’s still a lot up for grabs with 4 AL teams battling for 2 WC slots plus the Giants and Dodgers fighting for the NL west. Good luck to everyone still grinding. I’ve got several leagues coming down to the wire and won’t be checking the standings until tonight.
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