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  1. Pick and roll value perhaps? His historical higher scoring seemed to come from having a strong facilitator (OKC).
  2. Kyle Pitts going to pull a Patterson and get 4 TDs. This forum will explode.
  3. Off by a week, but we got there. 15 carries - 88 yards 6 receptions - 46 yards 1 touchdown Rb1szn
  4. I like to live fantasy football dangerously. Diontae’s upside… if he survives a season… is immense!
  5. Pitts catching all over a CB’s face. 😉
  6. My prediction for this week: 22 carries - 98 yards 5 receptions - 35 yards 1 touchdown And on the 2nd week of fantasy football, Rb1szn will take his rightful place in RB1 ranks!
  7. Jags have run the ball once in about 15 minutes. What is this play calling lol.
  8. He looks good, breaking tackles, leaning forward for extra yards, good awareness and hands as a receiver. Seems like a win to me.
  9. Kyle Pitts working with Matt Ryan and Arthur Smith from a beat writer:
  10. Anyone have Pitts team name ideas? So far I have: Pitts’ Creek
  11. “He's an elite tight end, and he's an elite wide receiver. He's a unicorn, and the only way you can defend a unicorn is with another unicorn.“ - Dan Mullen, Florida Gators Head Coach
  12. Pitts is going to be like having a top rookie WR in the TE position. It’s a no-brainer at his ADP, total steal and league winning advantage. The system and favorable scenario he’s in will only help. Pitts is going to be a lot of fun to watch, especially if he’s on your team!
  13. Shhh don’t hype him too much. We need to work our leagues.
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