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  1. I probably woulda taken the gamble as well. Too hard to resist.
  2. Agreed, If and only if that ft goes back up. Preseason wasn’t a good sign though. Shot 64%. If I had to predict I expect similar ft% to last season.
  3. You two deeheads gonna join roto league next year yeah? Just longtime rotoworld members. 12 team roto 9 cat snake.
  4. Tried to re-port as a reply to the above above but this site doesn’t let you delete one’s post. SMH.
  5. I would’t trust Casey. I recall when he signed Amir Johnson back in the day to a hefty long term contract with the raps only to put him in his dogshithouse for what reason I’ll never know.
  6. Worst case scenario if he’s not starting he can back up both the 4 and 5. No excuse why he shouldn’t be getting 30minutes consistently. He’s one of the better player in this league.
  7. It’s all related to minutes. He’s an excellent real life player IMO yet that vomit miami coach refused to give him consistent minutes. He should feast on a mediocre team needing his production but you never know with today’s crop of trash coaches.
  8. If his %’s go back to normal then he should be a very good value pick.
  9. Yahoo by a country mile. Less than zero chance he finishes ranked #50! If had to bet I’d say round #110
  10. I agree there’s no point trashing other leagues. Banter is fine but some of the stuff here is childish as. My point being if Embiid went 3rd overall it’s not really a s8 up comparison point which is what you were trying to make as he got picked basically over everyone.
  11. We get it. But it’s somewhat a lame comparison for obvious reasons, which is why I was surprised someone would make such a stupid comparison.
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