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  1. Need a TE streamer for week. Gaskin doesn't seem startable even with little competition, but the potential is there if the coaches would just get him more involved. Williams' involvement has decreased with Swift's success, but would be in a great spot if Swift had to miss any time.
  2. Almost dropped Christian Kirk this week to pick up a TE for Knox's week7 bye. He was the only player on my bench that seemed droppable. That all changed today. The 2nd RB I took in my draft, completely injury-free, will now be swapped out for a middling streaming TE.
  3. He was open on several of his routes including dumpoff spots, but Fields usually made correct calls to better options. As a Hokie who watched every 2020 game, I don't think his lack of passes in college (at VT at least) was a result of him not having catching skills. He was just so dominant on the ground that I think if VT wasn't calling a running play to him, we were in 3rd and long and throwing downfield a lot. We also had a mess at QB last year, and Herbert had just transferred in the same year he started. He was probably more intent on learning the running playbook than practicing routes. Definitely could have used him more in the passing game. You can see below, of the 10 passing plays, 5 were for big plays. They were mainly screens, and this was obviously not against SEC competition (much less NFL) but don't see any inherent weakness in his pass-catching abilities. https://youtu.be/NN8lzCmrqCE?t=68 https://youtu.be/NN8lzCmrqCE?t=352 https://youtu.be/NN8lzCmrqCE?t=413 https://youtu.be/NN8lzCmrqCE?t=506 https://youtu.be/NN8lzCmrqCE?t=521
  4. With Samuel unexpectedly coming off IR, I need to drop someone to make room -- before Sunday. Who would you choose? 12-team full PPR. 1QB/2RB/2WR/1Flex Carr - I have Mahomes so I don't *need* Carr now. Could stream during Mahomes' bye and hope for no injury. But would be possibly helping other teams. Jamaal Williams -- Swift dominating, but Williams still feels flex-able and would be in an excellent spot if Swift has to miss time during season. Pollard -- See Williams above. Christian Kirk - high powered offense, but lots of mouths to feed. Cole Beasley - See Kirk above Fournette - Don't think I can drop him. Brady trusts him and Arians seems to have it out for RoJo. Gaskin - Kicking myself for drafting him, but can't see dropping yet. Rest of my team if it matters: Mamomes, Chubb, Metcalf, Cooks, Marvin Jones, Logan Thomas, Fuller.
  5. A lot of "experts" have Gaskin ranked quite a bit higher than Fournette or Pollard. I'm not so sure, especially with Tua out. Brady seems to trust Fournette. Pollard has been solid, but I'm expecting a dropoff sooner than later. Who would you start?
  6. 12-team PPR. Pollard seems flex-able and with upside, but Ingram is getting a lot of touches and maybe the better option in a buy-low situation? My other backs are Chubb, Fournette, Gaskin, Jamaal Williams, Jeff Wilson stashed on IR. His backs are Zeke, Edmonds, David Johnson, Ingram.
  7. Chubb is a beast but can he make up with big runs and TDs his lack of targets in the passing game?
  8. Chubb is a beast but can he make up with big runs and TDs his lack of targets in the passing game?
  9. Any Fuller owners targeting Coutee this week?
  10. No Thursday night next week. Cowboys/Ravens moved to a now double-header MNF.
  11. In a weird position due to auto-draft giving me Lockett/Metcalf and Fuller/Cooks on my roster. Lockett/Metcalf have been a godsend this year. This week I'm playing against Watson owner. Would you bench Lockett for Cooks, given most of Watson's passes will be to Fuller/Cooks... somewhat negating Watson's upside and ensuring I don't play the "wrong" Texan WR?
  12. Unless there's a competitive reason to tank, like next year's draft position, I personally would set my lineups like I was still in competition. Our league has weekly high score win bonuses, and smallish payout for consolation bracket winner, to keep people in play.
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