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  1. Easy one. Sarver has been known to be CHEAP AS %UCK at times.
  2. He'll be playing angry and with purpose all season
  3. A few things. As I mentioned, I project him to be amongst the league leaders in mins. I'll take the over all of his counting stats from last year, notably steals, reb, point and Asst. HE averaged a career low in steals last year at 1.1 which has fluke written all over it. I'd expect his steals to normalize to between 1.5-1.8 more consistent with career norms. I personally think he's a lock to average a min of 26ppg, but more likely closer to 28PPG. My personal projection for PG is 28.2 ppg-7.2 rpg-5.9 apg-3.5 3ptm-1.7stls-44.7%fgs-85%fts-0.4blk
  4. If everything break right, I could see George finishing as a top 5 fantasy player. The key for him is going to be maintaining efficiency. If he can keep that fg% at or above 45% PG will def outperform where he was taken in drafts (he may do that anyways). I'd expect him to most likely be amongst the league leaders in mins. I would not be shocked to see him at 36/37 mins per game. He's going to have to do a lot and by my projections and estimates should be amongst the league leaders in usage and could be a Darkhorse to lead the league in scoring. I think his 2018/2019 stats in OKC, with a bump in assists, should be a great baseline to project where his stat line ends up this year .
  5. I ended up with this dude in two of my biggest money leagues. 13 in one and 15 in the other. I am not excited about the prospects of owning him, but one has to assume the ft% corrects itself along with averaging closer to 2 blks. A good year from AD for me is 23ppg-8rpg-3apg-1.4steals-2blk-50% fgs-80%. I think all owners will be ecstatic with that type of line assuming we can get 72 games (+-).
  6. I see Ingran taking another step this year. Without Lonzo Ball there will be opportunity for more ballhandling and playmaking. I could see his assists increase to 6 or so with the rest of his steady and consistent and efficient scoring and ft% impact. I wouldnt be surprised to see him at closer to 27/28 ppg, esp if Zion misses major time. They just dont have a lot of firepower and scoring there.........
  7. Amazing what coaching changes/system can do for a player. This certainly seems like it could be the case with KP. I still have lots of concerns about his ability to stay healthy, but cant help but be impressed with how he's looked under Kidd in the preseason with this revamped offense.
  8. I'd expect Sexton will be highly motivated to ball out this season. He's playing for max contract extension. Looks like the Cavs want to get one last look before ponying up the cash. He's an unquestioned no 1 option on a team that needs scoring punch. He's proven he can maintain a high degree of efficiency for being a featured option on a terrible team. Seems like nice value in the middle rounds.
  9. I used to be a card carrying member of the hater club of this dude. I am converted and a believer.
  10. Mallet finger is absolutely no joke. I got it on the same finger two years ago playing in a pick up game when my finger got snagged and caught up in another players jersey going up for a layup. I felt no pain at all and waited two days to see a doctor thinking the finger would magically get back in place. I had to wear a special custom cast to keep the finger straight for 8 weeks. When I took the finger out to clean the cast from sweat etc (usually once every 5 days), I had to keep the finger completely straight or you basically reset the healing process all over again. Failure to strictly adhere to the healing process will result in permanent finger deformity that cannot even always be corrected with surgery. Ive seen plenty people in the public with "bent fingers" which are no doubt the result of a mallet injury. Even after 8 weeks in that cast my finger still has a slight bend and cannot extend 100% straight. Really this injury brutal. Dirk Nowitzki had this injury a few years back. Here's a picture of what the cast look liked, which is the exactly same kind I had.
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