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  1. Boom or bust pick that can be had after pick 100 in most drafts (and is often left undrafted). Showing some improvement in his offensive game, and has the highest ceiling of any NBA player in regard to stocks production. Shot form is adequate, and can distribute when it is appropriate. I always try to target players where if they make an improvement in an improbable area, could make a major jump up the standings. Thybulle could end up being the 80th or 90th ranked player again like he was last year and simply be a steals and blocks specialist, but it would not completely shock me if he became Shawn Marion lite. 10 points / 5 rebounds / 1 three / 2 steals / 1 block or something to that effect. That is probably a top 50 player, if not top 40. I think he is someone to watch this year with the uncertainty of Ben Simmons. Simmons off the court opens up the 76ers to play him a little more in my opinion.
  2. Poole played PG for a good portion of the night. A lot of the warriors offense runs through the point forward position but I see sneaky assists from Poole. I think averages 3+ which is valuable. He is also going to hit a ton of threes (will be a top 15 three guy in the league.) I stand by my preseason evaluation. Assuming decent healthy, he is going to have a big year.
  3. I like Precious a lot. I didn’t get him in my draft unfortunately but he has a lot of skill amd has a nose for the ball. I think he will be a solid big for most teams. 100-120 value imo.
  4. Breakout player this year imo. Draft with confidence anywhere 100+ Probably returns 50-70 value. I put him right there with Norman Powell in value.
  5. MT doesn't need to be a top 5 WR to provide massive value for his draft slot. He was a 100+ pick in almost every draft this year. If you can survive with a decent record until week 7, and get a top 25 WR in your lineup, that is a major win. If he happens to return to complete form and get into the top 10 or the top 5 WR's, then he is a league winner. But even if he is just a solid WR2 / WR3 that should be a great return on draft investment unless you really reached for him. In my competitive league I drafted him with the 106th pick and I think that is probably around the earliest I have seen him go.
  6. Patterson is potential deep league gold. Davis is not a proven commodity by any means, and Patterson has more value than just running it out of the backfield. A WR that can get 4-6 rushes per game, and also potentially 4-5 targets has a great floor for a WR4/WR5. If Davis were to go down, then he is probably looking at 6-10 carries. 30-40 yards rushing, 20-50 yards receiving is a nice baseline, and all it would take would be injury to Davis. In the meantime, for non-PPR leagues you are looking at about 40-50 yards He is a bench stash for now, but the potential is REALLY good. Potential to have a solid WR3 off the waiver in 12+ leagues.
  7. Ball security cost him carries in the 2nd half, and it was clear he lost his confidence. Terrible block at the end which won't be pretty during the film room. He looks electric with the ball in his hands, but he must hold on to it. Murray looked like garbage imo. Considering where we were 2 weeks ago with Williams, its hard to be dissapointed. He is the most electric back on a team that likes to run. He is not perfect, and he has some growing up to do. Fortunately, the rest of the RBs stink, and they can't run Lamar 15 times a game and expect to keep him in one piece. Lamar played a pretty terrible game, particularly in the 2nd half. He missed reads all over the place, fumbled twice (.5 fumble should go to Williams for that one) and made the wrong play on the read option several times. The Ravens lost because they played no to lose. If they would have stuck to the first half game plan they win by 1-2 touchdowns. The playing calling got conservative, Raiders D-Line got aggressive, and the rest is history. More to like in this game for Ty'son than to dislike.
  8. Ravens deserve to lose. Started playing not to lose midway through the 3rd.
  9. Bum Murray running into the back of his offensive line has killed the ravens momentum. Sucks for Williams but he will be fine. Murray just proving that he doesn’t have any juice.
  10. 12-14 carries a game is all we want. Let the old man crew handle another 8-10. Stay healthy. Pick up a few catches. Score a boatload of touchdowns.
  11. Sanders is good. He will get 2/3rd of the touches. Gainwell is good. He will get 1/3rd of the touches. Neither seems primed to carry the rock 300 times a year. Best thing for Sanders owners would be a competent backup that continues to put the pressure on defenses when he is out of the game. In today's NFL, there are very few Derrick Henry's. There are a whole lot more JK Dobbins/Gus Edwards. Finding RB2/3s on the waiver can win you a championship. Draft your high end guys and fill the flex with high upside secondary backs. If 1 or 2 break through....its trophy time.
  12. Kirk actually looked kinda low key bad. Good stat line but I wouldn’t expect a lot out of him this year.
  13. For leagues that are 12 owners or more, I really can't imagine a situation where you wouldn't want to start Ty'son this week. He knows the playbook, he is a great blocker out of the backfield, he has proven he has some juke, and he can catch the ball. The other 3 players that could potentially get carries were all signed in the last week, they are all washed up (Murray may have a little juice, but he just got beat out in New Orleans for the backup job), and there is no way any of them is ready for anything more than 5 -10 carries. Ty'son should get a minimum of 10-15 carries, and it wouldn't shock me at all to see him with 15-20. They are playing a poor defensive team, and they will want to maximize protections of Lamar when he steps back to pass. It all screams opportunity for Ty'son. Perhaps he will waste it. Perhaps in the coming weeks the old guy crew will gain on him in practice, but I just can't imagine at scenario where he doesn't lead the backfield in carries this coming week. What more could you ask for from a flex?
  14. The Baltimore Ravens ran the ball 555 times last year: Lamar: 159 Dobbins: 134 Edwards: 144 Ingram: 72 Misc: 46 45 Receiving Targets out of the backfield last year for the top 3 RB: Dobbins: 24 Edwards: 13 Ingram: 8 They also split 18 rushing touchdowns That means that missing production from last year's RB core group is 206 carries and 32 targets. I think you can reasonably expect for Edwards to pick up 60-70 carries out of the 200 or so that are missing. Additionally, I don't necessarily see Lamar continuing to receive 150 carries a year. My projection for him would be to gradually shift away from designed QB runs, and so I would project him to rush about 120 times this year, meaning we have 40 extra carries from him. Ty'son seems very competitent. He is a great pass catcher. He is a plus blocker, and he clearly has some juice carrying the ball. Justice Hill is the definition of sunk cost, and the Ravens know he stinks, but seem reticent to admit their bad draft pick. I think Williams picks up the majority of the extra work that is available, and almost all the targets as his blocking skills will be very valuable on 3rd down, and will put him in line for some screens and dump downs. Projections for this year: Edwards: 210 carries, 980 rushing yards, 15 targets, 125 receiving yards, 10 rushing touchdowns Williams: 160 carries, 775 rushing yards, 30 targets, 220 receiving yards, 7 rushing touchdowns, 1 receiving touchdown. Lamar: 120 carries, 700 yards, 5 touchdowns
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