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  1. My new nickname for this guy is Tissue McCaffrey.
  2. The best is when these ego maniacs cross over from talking medical side of the injury and start talking NFL front office and fantasy strategy. Cool Story Bro! Not even sure you are a real doctor but know you aren’t a front office professional or fantasy writer.
  3. Reagor drew 3 pass interference calls for 95 yards and had zero catches for zero yards on the final stat sheet last night despite the fact the Eagles offense actually benefited by those same 95 yards. How does it make sense that a receiver draws a long pass interference call in the end zone or 1 yard line but gets no points while a RB punches in a 1 yard run on the next play and gets 6 points. Give QBs and WRs credit for pass interference yards in fantasy. It reflects the actual value they provided to their team from the play on which the penalty was called.
  4. This is starting to feel a lot like last year. Hopefully this is just coach speak games. If he sits again this week he is officially a bust at the 1.01 pick.
  5. Can’t wait to see what team Malcolm “fools gold” Brown pops up on next year. This guy must be picking up the coaches dry cleaning and driving their kids to school every morning. Fantasy Football rule 112: don’t draft the apparent number 1 running back on any team rostering Malcolm Brown. He did the same thing to Darrel Henderson early last year on the Rams. Yep owned Henderson last year too. Ugh.
  6. I own both and I am dropping Sermon. I can’t justify rostering a handcuff to a RB i can barely start in the first place with bye weeks here.
  7. This is likely the first week that anyone that has him on their roster has him plugged in as an auto start. I have a feeling knowing how things work in fantasy this will be a rug pull dud week. Hope I am wrong as he is my RB2 this week.
  8. As a CMC owner sitting on a 5 burger in half point from Thursday night, I need Eli to go full ham on Sunday night.
  9. Give him the touchdown he should have been credited with in week 1 when they blew the call and called him down on the 1 yard line and he has a touchdown in both weeks and he looks fine. Fantasy is a game of inches sometimes. Not worried at all.
  10. I am pretty sure that NFL coaches don’t last long in the NFL if they play inferior players to send messages. Sermon may have told he needs to improve his work ethic, etc. and he could rightly assume that was why he was inactive but make no mistake he was inactive on Sunday because the coaches believed if called upon Mitchell was the better option in case something happened to Mostert.
  11. Heard they did not fly home in between games. I am sure they are practicing somewhere but wonder if they are going to be anxious to change up the running back rotation on a week practicing on the road. My guess is Mitchell is the one and Sermon and/or Hasty is mixed in this week with maybe a few more carries than last week. Shanahan seems to be content from my non scientific observations over the last year (Mostert, Wilson, the skinny guy from MN who’s name I can’t remember) to ride whoever he decides is the one until they are either hurt or ineffective. As far as we know at this point that is Elijah. He didn’t do anything last week to lose the job.
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