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  1. It seems as though NBC is telling us all to go away.
  2. If you want to play the sweepstakes for CLE, SEA, NE RBs you have to pay for the ticket. All of these situations are murky right now - just have to go with your gut. I have them prioritized in the order I just said.
  3. I did have the same mindset of @MJJ28 before today. But we do have to deal with reality, which is he is not on the IR yet. For me the tea leaves say they rest him until the bye. In which case they could put him on the IR since that is 3 weeks from now. But they're not even willing to do that yet for reasons unknown. Either way I think he misses this week's game minimum.
  4. They play a couple of soft defenses the next two weeks in KC and GB - then there's DEN and a bye. McKissic can't play every down - Patterson would play the Gibson role which includes Goal-Line situations (not of the no-huddle variety). Even 1-legged Gibson has parlayed that role into decent RB2 numbers.
  5. i.e. cuttable. After 6 weeks you know what you have and with Hines you have a wasted roster spot. So long buddy - and thanks for nothing. Colts gave him a raise to give him less work. Where can I sign up for such a gig.
  6. These are all very good questions since I frankly didn't even know he was injured for real until last Friday when he took his last DNP. I don't recall any news whatsoever after his tremendous game @ the Chargers - I went to bed thinking he was just fine. Still waiting for the first bit of informative news about this injury.
  7. No doubt. I grabbed Patterson - in non-PPR - late last week when I saw how this was treading. Now that PPR seems to be more popular than "standard" McKissic is likely long gone already in most leagues but either is a priority pickup where available. McKissic is not built to take on much more work than he's doing already. Patterson will certainly be involved.
  8. WFT has a bye after next week. I would expect him to be benched this at least until the bye to give him a three-week breather. This thing is going down in flames fast.
  9. Let's see how many more times he calls himself out.
  10. I'm really not receptive to any excuses for this bust.
  11. That's nice. He called himself out when he's barely played all year and then a TD was scored.
  12. He needs to stick to hockey eh. Can't stand this dude.
  13. AJB called himself out of the game - having trouble catching his breath apparently. Best shape of his life.
  14. Agreed. Bad rule - way too subjective. Just let these guys say what they say and stay out of it. IT has nothing to do with the game which is their actual focus supposedly.
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