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  1. Technically eligible to return this week, but I haven't heard any recent news. I'm sure we'll hear more on his status real soon now.
  2. Davante COVID, Thursday night shootout vs. Arizona. Aaron has to throw to someone. Could do worse than this guy for a 1 week flier.
  3. Horrible timing...was going to be a damn fun shootout to watch Thursday night. I guess Lazard is the add for anyone desperate for a WR.
  4. Just more of the same: He's been added and dropped a handful of times the past few weeks, people playing the rumors. Currently available I think he might be a nice stash ahead of this weekend to see if there's any more movement.
  5. Agree. I was certain we’d hear news of them working out RBs or signing someone to the practice squad by now. There has been 0 word of anything from the local beat guys. Maybe a rare case of no news = good(ish) news?
  6. Got the MRI yesterday. Assuming we won’t hear anything till Ron’s presser after practice this afternoon. Im a Gibson owner as well, and fully prepared for him to be out through the bye week 9, maybe return week 10 or 11. But the overall sentiment is pretty bleak right now. I doubt we’d get anything of value in return right now.
  7. Been saying it for weeks, to the objections of many here, but JD returns much more value than Patterson moving forward for as long as Gibson is out. Patterson will certainly have an early down role, but as a die hard local fan, listening to coaches, watching practice reports and comments from the local beat guys - Mckissic’s value to this team, and the multitude of ways they can use him as a weapon, is sky high. The real life value and skill of Patterson, while decent, is much less than the fantasy community hype based on college production and a few preseason highlights vs 3rd stringers. Just my 2 cents as a local WFT fan.
  8. Toney for me. He’s a stud, and they will continue to scheme ways to get him the ball. Help me out?
  9. Same. Need to see something before I start him. Same boat with Trevor for me, theoretically a great matchup, but don’t trust this team or staff yet.
  10. AJ Hubbard Booker. In that order. Help me out?
  11. Bolden. Has the clearest path to touches. Help me?
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