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  1. please tell me how I am doing in my drafts (all standard 12 team h2h leagues): Draft #1. The Connor McDavid draft - pick 1.1 Draft #2. The MacKinnon draft pick 1.3 Draft #3. pick 1.4 Draft #4. pick 1.6
  2. pretty solid team, lights out SP.
  3. I figured its time for a new thread for the new year. I will start out with my 2 trades, please post yours! 12 team h2h 5x5 redraft gave: Yelich, Cruz, Lux Got: Freeman and Ozuna Gave: Eloy, Moncada, Patrick Corbin Got: Flaherty, Merrifield
  4. keep Carlson, his ratios over the last 7 days are very promising, .280/.357/480
  5. In a keep forever 7x7 with OBP, SLG, OBPA, and K/BB added. traded Judge and Clevinger Got: Mike Trout
  6. side A, not all that close IMO. Vlad is overrated, love Eloy, but Yelich is a top 3 player.
  7. In a keeper league where we can keep any 4 players we want. 7x7 h2h with OBP, SLG, OBPA, and K/BB added. I gave Patrick Corbin and Austin Meadows. I get Cody Bellinger and Zach Plesac. good deal? my roster after the trade: C- Garver 1B- Bell 2B- Biggio 3B- JRam SS - Story OF: Bellinger / Judge / Edman UTIL: Franco / Oneill BN Kendrick / Hilliard IL - Yordan NA - Carlson SP: Buehler / Clevinger / Berrios / Montas / Pearson / Civale / CMart / Gore RP - Drake / Jeffress / Gott / Kela
  8. in a keep forever 7x7 h2h league with OBP, SLG, OBPA, and k/bb added. traded: Patrick Corbin and Austin Meadows GOT: Cody Bellinger and Zack Plesac
  9. They have yet to refund my money.... and I was in a lot of Pro leagues. If they are gonna refund, DO IT ALREADY YAHOO.
  10. Gore, Pearson, Howard, Cease, Civale how would you guys prioritize these guys?
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